Nurses, Dermatologists, and Estheticians Love This $14 Anti-Aging Body Lotion

Shoppers say it’s done “miracles” for their crepey skin.

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Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion

With the unsettling findings on the hormonal impacts of many mainstream beauty product ingredients, it's never been more important to actually know what's in the skincare we use daily. Diving headfirst into the science is one option, or you could shop from brands and stores that do the work for you, like Credo Beauty and Follain. On Amazon, Alba Botanica is always a safe bet—and the brand's Very Emollient Body Lotion is so effective, shoppers call it the key to aging well.

The brand features the lotion's ingredient list front and center in its Amazon photos, a pleasant change from products that make you zoom in like an "NCIS" detective to get an idea of what's included. True to its name, moisturizing emollients like glycerin, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, apricot oil, and coffee leaf seed extract are present, alongside a smattering of coconut oil derivatives. Noticeably absent are parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and the combination has made fans of over 8,000 Amazon shoppers.

People from the dry climes of Arizona and Colorado write that it's the "absolute best lotion [they] have found yet," and more than 70 people with eczema say the cruelty-free, non-greasy, quick-absorbing formula keeps flare-ups and run-of-the-mill dry skin at bay. "It has done miracles with my skin," one shopper writes of the lotion's effect on the "dry, scaly lizard skin" that crept up on them with age. "I call it my fountain of youth."

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion

To buy: $14;

Another shopper calls it the "best body lotion on the market," writing, "been using it for many years, so naturally I look 10 years younger than everyone else my age!" One more writes that they always return to the lotion for its help with skin firmness and wrinkle control, and another says they're especially in awe of its work on dry hands and "crepe-like" skin. The effects even won the approval of shoppers' dermatologists, and the praise that their skin "is going to age well" between using the lotion and staying out of the sun.

Licensed estheticians pop up in the comments as well, endorsing the lotion's emollients and organic botanical extracts for moisturizing skin and keeping it looking fresh. And registered nurses likewise say that despite having chapped hands from washing "a thousand times daily," the lotion heals them up instantly—so they spread the good word to all their patients, and anyone who has skin problems.

The formula pulls off the difficult trick of combining thick, rich moisture with a lightweight consistency that belies its lasting hydration, and the effects aren't the only thing with a long lifespan. Shoppers say that even with daily use over three months, they're still only halfway through the generous bottle—and since other retailers sell the lotion for double the price, Amazon's the smartest place to purchase.

The $14 price means that shoppers have no qualms about buying multiple bottles for their household, and one person even gave the "miracle cream" out as Christmas presents. With hand washing still heavily in the forecast and the lotion on sale, there's no better time to head to Amazon to stock up.

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