Shoppers Love This 'Heavenly' Body Butter That Just Earned a Deal on 'Shark Tank'

Did we mention Oprah is a fan, too?

54 thrones body butter

Even Shark Tank recognizes the value in a good, moisturizing body butter. On a recent episode of the ABC series, skincare line 54 Thrones earned the financial backing of not one, but two Sharks, and based on the feedback of online shoppers, the brand is definitely one to watch.

Included among Nordstrom's extensive collection of online beauty products, 54 Thrones uses Africa-grown, skin-nourishing ingredients to create its line. Shoppers can choose from soaps, oils, masks, and more, but it's the brand's Beauty Butter that's earned continued rave reviews from customers, including Oprah.

Sold individually and as a set of five minis, Beauty Butter should be applied to the hands and face as a skin moisturizer. Infused with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, almond, and avocado oil, the butters are "non-greasy" and "leave skin super-soft," Sephora shoppers wrote.

54 thrones body butter

To buy: $24;

Named to Oprah's annual list of favorite things in 2020, the star credited the butter with keeping her hands hydrated during a year that included the frequent use of soap and sanitizer. "This company uses Ugandan and Ghanaian shea butter to create nourishing creams. And the tin is just gorgeous," Oprah wrote of a gift set.

Beauty Butters are separated by scent, with options like Comorian Ylang Ylang and Egyptian Orange Blossom and Ivorian Cocoa and Ghanian Coconut. There's even an unscented variation for those who are more sensitive or don't like fragrance. Nordstrom shoppers are especially fond of the Egyptian Lavender and Moroccan Mint butter. One shopper said the scent experience was "soothing and calming," while another wrote, "[The butter] smells and feels heavenly."

As for the butters' "heavenly" feel, that can likely be attributed to its core ingredient, a mixture of Ugandan and Ghanaian shea butter. "People with dry skin would benefit the most from using shea butter, as it not only replenishes moisture to the skin but seals it in, keeping the skin hydrated for longer periods of time," explains Dr. Shuting Hu, cosmetic chemist and founder of Acaderma previously told InStyle.

"Its thick creamy formula helps with dry, cracked skin, especially with all the handwashing," a Nordstrom reviewer confirmed. "I apply the butter all over my body. It feels so nice." A Sephora reviewer also added that the "cream goes on smooth and hydrates skin for hours."

Don't let the dry wrath of winter impact your skin this year. Purchase the body butter backed by Shark Tank and Oprah from Nordstrom now. You can shop and scroll some of the brand's featured products, including the Favorite Things gift set below.

54 thrones body butter

To buy: $80;

54 thrones body butter

To buy: $48;

54 thrones body butter

To buy: $14;

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