You've nailed the style—but are you keeping them in pristine shape?


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Model wearing sunglasses against blue background
Credit: Ryan Pfluger

1 Putting Them on Your Head.

Though most people do it, any eyewear aficionado can tell you this is rule number one not to break. The reason is threefold:

  • With aviator styles—or any pair that has wire nosepieces, for that matter—your hair can get caught, which yanks your hair (ouch) and could even bend or break the bridge of the sunglasses.
  • Depending on the shape of your head, it can stretch out the earpieces of your sunglasses, making them too loose.
  • When you bend over or look down, they’re bound to slip off, eventually resulting in a broken or scratched pair.

2 Not Getting Them Adjusted.

Everyone’s face is slightly asymmetrical, whether visibly noticeable or not. Most people often also have a slight difference in the height of their ears—one may be a little lower than the other. Likewise, unless you’ve snagged a fresh-out-of-the-box pair that’s never been touched by other human hands, there’s a good chance your new sunnies were tried on by others in the store and may be slightly askew. Many good sunglasses stores (like Sunglass Hut) offer complimentary in-store adjustments—tiny tweaks to make sure your shades sit properly on your face. And did we mention that it’s free?

3 Tossing Them in Your Bag.

Yes, you are absolutely allowed to stow your sunglasses in your purse—so long as you’ve put them in a protective case (like the one they came in) beforehand. It seems like an unnecessary step (it’s so easy to just unzip your tote and drop them in), but the interior of a bag, often filled with keys and other loose objects, is the number one cause of damage. If your mini crossbody is too teeny for a hard-shell glasses case, do the bare minimum and wrap your sunnies in the microfiber cleaning cloth (that they also came with) before tucking them away.