This State Bags Wellington Tote Is the Perfect Beach Bag

Because it's brutal out there.

Photo: State Bags

Although you always want to pack for the occasion, the beach is arguably the worst place to be unprepared. From sunscreen and towels to snacks and entertainment, you'll want to bring a lot of things—and something to carry them in, ideally something that's streamlined, lightweight, and cute enough to pair with your new swimsuit. If you're planning your next coastal getaway and need the optimal carryall to cart everything to the shore, we have just the thing.

Enter: The Wellington Cabana accessory from State Bags, a special collaboration with REAL SIMPLE. Made with a lightweight TPU material so your essentials will stay bone-dry, this chic tote bag is transparent so you won't have to fish around blindly. It features a main compartment, detachable pouch for your valuables, and soft webbing strap to sling comfortably over your shoulder. Thanks to its no-frills design, the accessory goes well with pretty much everything, from casual cutoffs to dressier ensembles. Plus, the zingy tangerine color makes it easy to spot in a trunk loaded up with beach gear.


Maximalists, fear not—the main body is roomy enough to fit a towel, portable speaker, sunscreen, bathing suit, and magazines (i.e. everything you could possibly need for an ideal beach day). And for everyday essentials like your cell phone or wallet, the detachable pouch gives you easy access.

Since everything's better with a side of philanthropy, State Bags will help support American children and families in need with every fanny pack purchased, from donating fully-packed backpacks at their bag drop rallies, to fueling #WhatDoWeTellTheKids initiatives.

The best part? We have a sweet discount. You can snag the tote bag for 15 percent off from until August 9, 2022 with the code REALS15 at checkout.

To buy: $155;

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