My bag is, thankfully, no longer like a bottomless pit. 
Neiman Marcus Slim Leather Organizer Wallet

I was a serial purse digger. I used to keep all my money, cards, and identification fairly unorganized. I was always digging around in my bag, desperately trying to find what I needed. I usually ended up scooping up old receipts, lost medication, or gum that had somehow come out of its wrapper. One of my biggest complaints was that I had trouble locating my subway card in time to catch the train. Something as simple as accessing my wallet felt like a dreaded chore.

But then one day a perceptive (and very kind) co-worker gifted me a Neiman Marcus Slim Leather Organizer Wallet for Christmas. She had her own and swore by its organizing magic. Since using it, I’ve never lost a card and am always ready to go, no matter how quickly the line at the deli is moving. It’s not only saved me a lot of time, but I’ve also probably given years of life back to my friends, who I had always managed to coerce into helping me dig through my bag to find those free-floating things.

I’m also pretty picky when it comes to accessories. I usually choose to suffer for aesthetic purposes rather than functionality, but this wallet is both attractive and practical—you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything, only gaining.

There are few things I know to be 100 percent fact. One, eyebrows should always be groomed. Two, I am never not caffeinated. And three, I would purchase this wallet again and again, even if it doubled in price.