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By Grace Elkus
Updated September 05, 2017
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Dansko Clogs

When I started culinary school last August, I needed to invest in a pair of kitchen clogs to wear to class. But, unlike my classmates, I didn't stress about which brand was the best choice. I already knew I needed to buy a pair of Dansko's.

That’s because Dansko clogs ($125 -$140 on Zappos) have been beloved my members of my family for years—and their purpose goes way beyond the kitchen. My mom, who works in a hospital, swears by them for busy days on her feet. My sister Maddie, who went to college in a tiny town in Ohio, bought them as an alternative to boots for the snowy winters. To this day, she still wears them all year round, and knows they'll support her feet on long treks around New York City.

When I bought my pair for school, I immediately understood the obsession. Standing for nine hours was no big deal thanks to the comfort and support of the ergonomically-designed clogs: my feet felt great and my back never ached. Plus, they look professional, are outfitted with slip-resistant rubber pads, are extremely durable, and keep your feet protected if, say, you were to splash hot oil nearby or drop a knife (not me, of course). I would recommend buying your clogs a half-size up, because you want your heel to lift up and down with every step.

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Needless to say, I recommend these clogs whether you’re on your feet all day or simply need a comfortable new pair of shoes. It's no accident they have more than 650 5-star reviews on Amazon. And if you're worried they're not stylish enough to wear as your everyday pair, you can just slip 'em on when you get home and start cooking dinner. They do, however, come in a variety of styles and colors, from backless to leather.