You'll be surprised by who makes them.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated August 22, 2017

Honestly, I would wear flip-flops to work every day if I could. I have no patience for shoes that pinch my toes, leave blisters on my heels, or make the 10-minute walk from the subway to my office an exercise in endurance. But, alas, there are two flaws with this plan: Flip-flops don't look professional enough for my place of work, and since I’m short (I only reach five feet if I’m using a lot of hairspray), I do like the boost that a pair of heels provides.

That’s why I’m absolutely in love with this pair of strappy wedges from Crocs. Yes, you read that correctly—they’re from Crocs (so is this cute red pair, which I have my eye on for my next purchase). I’ll be the first to admit I was never a big fan of Crocs’ ubiquitous plastic clogs. They look adorable on children, and chef Mario Batali proved that a grown man can work a bright orange pair with charm, but I found them too clumsy-looking on myself.

But then one day about 8 years ago, I wandered into a Crocs store with my kids in search of a Harry Potter charm to stick in their tiny little clogs and made a life-changing discovery. Crocs makes gorgeous strappy shoes—with a 3.5-inch heel!—that still make you feel like you’re walking around on a bouncy gymnastics mat. I found a pair in a shade of purple that just so happened to match the dress I was wearing that day, tried them on, and immediately felt like a taller, more stylish and confident version of myself. I can walk for hours in these shoes and they're actually cut wide enough so that the straps never feel like they’re cutting into the top of my foot—a problem I have with almost every other pair of strappy sandals I’ve ever tried.

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I wore those purple shoes for years (making them worth every penny of the $55 price tag). They were both sexy and comfortable, and looked great with a pair of jeans or a long swishy skirt. I would still be wearing them today if it weren’t for an incidence with a spilled glass of cranberry juice that stained the plastic heel. But no worries—I replaced them with a pair in a more neutral silvery-gray color. They go with everything, and I will wear them to work whenever weather permits.

The best thing about these? I can’t even tell you how many times friends of mine have said, “I love your shoes! Where did you get them?” The expression on their faces when I say, “They’re Crocs!” is always priceless.