Hint: They'll keep your white sneakers looking pristine, too. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 03, 2019
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waterproof boot covers
Credit: amazon.com

At a friend's New Year's Eve party this year, one guest walked in with some head-turning footwear that made us all stop and take notice. But it wasn't her boots that caught our attention, but rather the clear plastic boot covers that protected her beautiful leather boots from the rain outside. As she unzipped the semi-transparent plastic covers, she was met with a barrage of questions. What are those!? She explained that they were plastic covers that slip over your footwear to keep them clean and dry, even during a downpour or sudden snowstorm. Do they really work? Her brand new-looking leather boots were all the proof we needed.

And while we guessed that these boot covers were the type of novelty you could only find abroad or in some specialty shop, we were happy to learn that she had actually just ordered them off of Amazon ($8, amazon.com). The drawstring at the top lets you cinch these plastic booties tight around your shins, protecting your boots from water even when you're jumping through puddles. The front zipper is designed to make it easier to slide the cover over bulky footwear.

When ordering, the sizing can be a little confusing, as the boot covers don't follow traditional U.S. shoe sizes. But if you measure the sole length of the shoes you plan to wear with them, you'll get the best size match. If you're between two sizes, order the larger one to reduce the risk of ripping the lightweight plastic material. Plus, several reviewers note that the sizing runs a little small.

According to Amazon reviewers, these reusable boot covers work for more than just New Year's Eve parties. One reviewer packed them along for her trip to New Orleans' Jazz Fest to prepare for unexpected rain showers. Another happy customer brought them on a trip to London, where they successfully saved her shoes from the city's notoriously rainy weather. Although they're not durable enough to withstand daily use, for important occasions like parties and vacations, these little life savers will keep your feet dry and your shoes looking fresh. Planning an upcoming family vacation to Disney World or a wedding in Seattle? You're going to want to slip a pair of these waterproof shoe covers into your suitcase.