These Are the Best Women's Snow Boots for Ice, According to Rigorous Testing

Researchers in Toronto put snow and ice boots to the test every year—these are some of the top performers that you can buy right now.

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Sperry Women's Powder Valley Snow Boot

If you live in a colder climate, you know the importance of finding the best snow boots and trustworthy boots for ice. That knowledge isn't much help, though, when you're facing near-endless snow boot options. (And you thought wearing ankle boots with a dress was tricky.) With winter coming fast, you're going to want great shoes that will protect you from both cold toes and slipping on ice sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, you don't have to sift through option after option and hope for the best. (Hope isn't much help after you've slipped on a patch of ice in your not-as-great-as-expected boots.) Researchers at iDAPT, the research arm of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network in Toronto, perform comprehensive tests on top snow and ice boots to determine which boots are capable of reducing your risk of slipping and falling on ice in harsh winter conditions.

iDAPT tests shoes by having researchers and test subjects walk across an ice floor while observers slowly increase the angle in what they call the Maximum Achievable Angle Test. The floor is tilted until the subject slips; the angle before the slippage occurs is the Maximum Achievable Angle (MAA) for that pair of shoes and is scored on a range of one to 15. Any shoes that earn an MAA score lower than seven get no accolades; anything higher earns one, two, or three snowflakes, with three being the very best. iDAPT tests shoes on upward and downward slopes, cold ice, and wet ice conditions, so if they give a pair of shoes a snowflake, you can be sure they'll greatly reduce your chance of slipping.

For the women's casual footwear section—aka not metal studded or spiked shoes or over-shoe traction aids—the highest score given this year so far has been two snowflakes. We picked seven top-performing snow and ice boots that are currently available for purchase from iDAPT's ranking. All earned an MAA score of seven or higher, and all are approved for wet and cold ice. Read on to see them and find buying links—you can thank us (and iDAPT, of course) after your slip-free winter.

The best boots for snow and ice for women:

Windriver Women's Ice Queen ICEFX T-Max Insulated Waterproof Leather Winter Boots

windriver snow boots

MAA Score: 7

Denver Hayes Women's Commuter ICEFX Leather Boots - Brown

brown winter boots

MAA Score: 8

Keen Women's Revel IV Polar Boot

keen snow boot

MAA Score: 10

Windriver Women's Peak HD3 Waterproof Winter Hikers

Best snow and ice boots for women - Windriver Women’s Peak HD3 Waterproof Winter Hikers

MAA Score: 9

Sperry Women's Powder Valley Snow Boot

sperry snow boot

MAA Score: 9

Helly Hansen Women's Bivy ICEFX Waterproof Windproof Breathable Winter Boots

helly hansen boots

MAA Score: 8

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