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There is something about a quality pair of slippers that feels extra luxurious and relaxing—even if you’re slipping them on to grab the paper at 5 a.m. on the coldest winter morning. The best slippers are fluffy, supportive, not too hot, and—most importantly—they don’t fly off at the smallest stumble. If they don’t cost as much as a pair of swanky heels, that would be great, too! It may seem like it’s an impossible task, but some Real Simple staffers think they’ve found the holy grail of slippers. Here, six pairs you’ll never want to take off, as chosen by our editors.


Ugg Ansley Slippers

“These never leave my feet when I’m at home. My pair has lasted well. I’ve purchased pairs for my mom and my wife (although hers are a slightly different style so we don’t get confused. They’re like pillows on your feet. They’re magical.” —Brenda Dargan-Levy, digital managing editor

And a second vote for the Ugg Ansley Slipper!

“They have a sturdy bottom so they’re good for when I need to run around the corner but don’t want to leave my cozy shoes. I’ve had them for four years and haven’t needed to replace.” —Nora Horvath, editorial assistant

To buy: $100; zappos.com.


J. Crew Lodge Moccasins

"These sparkling beauties are basically a party for your feet. I was going to invest in a more expensive pair, but found these ones for half the price and they’re just as comfy.” —Tamara Kraus, digital home editor

To buy: $50; jcrew.com.


Acorn Scuff Mule

“You won’t overheat and get sweaty feet in these. And not only are they very cute, they’re also incredibly affordable.” —Libby Sile, features editor

To buy: $15; amazon.com.


L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins

“They’re so, so comfy. I like that they’re not a scuff, so you can wear them around without them accidentally slipping off. Plus, L.L. Bean will send you a new pair if you think they’re not lasting as long as they should.” —Grace Elkus, associate food editor

To buy: $79; llbean.com.


Dearfoams Knit Boot Slipper

“My old apartment was a cozy 50 degrees all winter, and since I worked from home a couple days a week for two years, good slippers were a must-have. This really great pair of slippers was not only comfy, but also the perfect height, as ankle coverage was very important in that icebox! —Anna Maltby, deputy editor (Note: the exact style Anna has is no longer available, but these are just as good!)

To buy: $20; shoes.com.


Lands’ End Suede Moc Slippers

“As someone with poor circulation, a good pair of ‘slips’ are crucial. I’m not a fan of scuffs—they’re too easy to slip off, and therefore it’s too easy to then remember to put back on until it’s too late! I received these for Christmas last year and immediately fell in love. Parting with them for the summer was one of the saddest things that happened this year. I thank my lucky stars that we’re back to cold and flu and slipper season. I especially love the new colors for this year, and, of course, that you can get yours monogrammed!” —Liz Steelman, associate digital editor

To buy: $40; landsend.com.