These white sneakers are what back to college shopping dreams are made of. 

By Anneke Knot
Updated July 26, 2018
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White Sperry Sneaker

One of the biggest challenges when BTS shopping for college is finding pieces that will last you all year round, and that won't take up much space. Every piece you pack in your suitcase (or a box) has to be totally worth it.

That's where the Sperry Crest Vibe Sneaker comes in ($59.95, There are many reasons to love them: they’re versatile, they’re chic, and Kate Middleton wears them. They add sophistication to your look while still giving you the comfort of wearing sneakers. They have the classic nautical edge Sperry is famous for, but they are still sporty enough for long walks across campus (or running from your dorm to your 8 a.m. class).

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Translation: they're perfect. And they're only $60? Decision made. We'll take more than one pair.