They're just as good as designer shoes.

By Christina Butan
Updated April 08, 2019
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Comfortable heels are a rare find. I know I’m guilty of owning quite a few “I’ve literally only worn these once, but they were so painful I’m never wearing them again” reject heels. You know, the ones that seemed like they were fine when you trotted around in them in the store, but actually gave you tons of blisters and foot cramps the day you wore them out. And given the fact that heels typically aren’t cheap, this can cause quite a few bucks to go down the drain (all for a pair of shoes you barely got one use out of). However, Amazon shoppers seem to have found the perfect heel that doesn’t need to be broken in and won’t traumatize your toes. Enter: the Allegra K High Chunky Heels.

Other than their superior comfort level, it’s important to point out that these under-$35 heels are actually very cute—another rarity for the low price point. The chunky heel is thick—but not grandma-shoe level bulky—plus, they feature a chic little buckle strap. The heels come in 14 pretty colors, like khaki green, orange, and burgundy, but there are also two classy black options that’ll match any outfit in both suede and faux leather materials.

Shoppers who put the Allegra K heels to the ultimate test by dancing in them and wearing them to walk around in all day said they were pleasantly surprised that the heels held up so well, and that their feet remained blister-free.

Allegra K High Chunky Heel Ankle Strap Sandals on Amazon

To buy: $25–$34;

“This weekend I went to New Orleans and decided to road test them/wear them for the first time. I did my usual heel hacks and I threw a couple band-aids in my bag and hoped for the best. We walked around the French Quarter from 10pm-3am and my feet felt fine!” wrote one shopper. “My friend was also wearing new heels and she had several blisters. Also, they are super cute. The colour also held up to the ‘French Quarter Gumbo.’ I tried to avoid stepping in puddles, but I was still pretty impressed by how well they held up to the grimy streets. I thought such a light colour would be ruined, but they still look great!”

Even customers who usually purchase designer shoes raved about the Allegra K heels, saying they’re just as comfortable, if not more, than their pricier counterparts.

“Best $25 I've ever spent! They aren't any less comfortable than my expensive designer shoes. For under $30, you cannot really go wrong with these,” she wrote. “As for comfort, I think these heels are pretty comfortable! I haven't walked miles in them, but I lasted a whole night out with them on, which is more than I can say for my Louboutins! The heel is the perfect height for foot arch comfort… not to short, but not too tall. If you pair these with the right outfit, no one will ever know you paid under $30 for them.”

These chunky heels are the perfect choice if you’ve been searching for a cute pair of heels that are comfy enough to dance in all night—without breaking the bank.