These Flats Feel Like You're Walking on Clouds, and I'm Buying Them for Everyone I Know

Can someone tell Santa I don't need his help this year?

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If you’re into comfy shoes (who isn’t?), Allbirds has probably been on your radar since its official launch in March 2016. Soon after they were first released, the shoe brand’s signature Wool Runners became known for their innovative, sustainable fabric and supportive, practical design. The brand’s products are light on your feet but tough on the important things: the moisture-wicking fabric minimizes odor, you can throw them in the washing machine for easy care, and they limit your environmental footprint by creating laces out of old plastic bottles.

When Allbirds launched the Tree Breezers earlier this year (a response to valued customer feedback), I had to try them to see if a pair of flats could really make that much of a difference. I’ll go into more detail in a moment, but for the quick summary: These are the most comfortable and supportive ballet-style flats my feet and I have ever met. Right from the first wear, I did not feel the ground while wearing them, and instead I felt like I was buoyantly prancing on clouds. The clouds I felt are actually the shoe’s soles, made of merino wool, castor bean oil, and the brand’s bouncy Brazilian sugarcane EVA SweatFoam—a combination, I assume, that was sent from the heavens to give mankind a taste of the good (after)life.

Allbirds Tree Breezers


To buy: $95;

With the Tree Breezers, Allbirds stepped away from strictly casual footwear and into everyday shoes that can be dressed up for work or activities like dinner with friends. And despite the silhouette being reminiscent of the ballet flats we’ve tried repeatedly to mold to our feet, Allbirds’ version is made from eucalyptus pulp to create a pliable mesh knit textile. While the shoe’s stretchy outer fabric conforms to the movement of your unique feet, the collar maintains a snug fit so there’s no slipping and sliding inside the shoe—and no dig marks from tight, restricting bands.

Allbirds Tree Breeze Review


To buy: $95;

The shoes are so comfortable and cute, I’m gifting a pair to my mom this holiday season. She has sensitive feet (forgoing heels a long time ago), and I have faith these flats will exceed the wearability of all the other pairs of shoes she currently owns. I’ve also raved about the flats to my roommate, sister, and several friends, so if I want to stay on their good sides, I should probably pick them up a pair as well. Currently, Allbirds offers 13 colors, including limited-edition, of the shoes to shop, meaning I’ll be able to find the stylistic match for everyone on my list.

For a pair of shoes as flexible-yet-sturdy as your broken-in gym shoes with the added benefits of lowering your environmental impact and looking stylish for work or play, Allbirds’ Women’s Tree Breezers stand (I can’t stop thinking of foot-related verbs) unmatched.

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