There’s a new way to wear the world’s most comfortable shoe.

By Savannah James
Updated April 05, 2017

Allbirds launched last March with an out-of-this-world comfortable wool sneaker that quickly gained a cult following. This week, the brand made an announcement that its loyal followers abuzz: the company has added a new shoe to its roster—a slip-on style called the Wool Lounger.

Just like the popular original, the Wool Runner, the new style is made out of premium natural materials and is free of logos or detailing (good news for minimalists). But the simple slip-on design makes this pair even easier to wear than the lace-up silhouette.

At Allbirds, simplicity is best: The New Zealand-based brand is focused on sustainability, the consumer’s comfort, and functionality. The shoes are machine-washable (which makes keeping them clean a breeze). They’re also lightweight, which makes them great for travel—you can pack your favorite shoes without weighing down your bag.

Ready for the best part? Due to the material used (merino wool, which wicks moisture, reduces odor, and even regulates temperature), you can comfortably wear these shoes sans socks. Consider it your year-round go-to shoe for everything from errands or work to lounging at home.

The Wool Lounger is available for both women and men and comes in four colors, ranging from sunny yellow to mellow grey. The pair retails for $95. Allbirds also allows a thirty-day trial period: If you don't like the shoe, you can send them back and get a refund, no questions asked. But once you slip your feet into these game-changing sneakers, we don’t anticipate that being a problem.