Prepare for a blast from the past. 

By Isabel Jones
Updated June 01, 2017
Polly Pocket Purse
Credit: Truffle Shuffle

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Maybe you’re old enough to vote, legally purchase alcohol, and rent a car, but no adult milestone can ever erase your inner child, right? RIGHT. Thanks to UK-based site Truffle Shuffle, you can now reminisce about your Lisa Frank-colored, Beanie Baby-laden ‘90s childhood EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Enter: the Polly Pocket purse.

The heart-shaped pearlescent pink shoulder bag is maybe the one accessory you and your 7-year-old self could possibly agree on. With gilded logo lettering and a chain-link strap, the nostalgic item is undeniably chic, and what’s more, it’s actually affordable. At £38 (roughly $49), the Ferby-owning you could probably pool her allowance for a couple months and save up enough for the must-have bag.

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Polly Pocket Purse
Credit: Truffle Shuffle

It’s even dreamier on the inside!

Inside of Polly Pocket Purse
Credit: Truffle Shuffle

Sounds too good to be true, so where’s the catch? It’s no biggie, but the purse isn’t yet available. You’ll have to wait until June 8 to order one of these bad boys, and if you’re ordering from the U.S. it’ll take about 5-8 days to ship.

Order your Polly Pocket purse and prepare for a flood of nostalgia!