These might be the best snow boots, ever.

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 27, 2017
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Ugg Harington Riding Boot

It might be surprising that, considering I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, I went winter after winter without a pair of good snow boots—but for the most part it was easy. I had a car, and the most outside walking I had to do was from door to car door to door. Why invest in a pair of bulky, unattractive winter boots when I would just wear them for minutes to bare the slush and ice when I could just carefully tread in a pair of cuter boots, or when I was really out of my mind, even cuter flats?

But this all went out the window the first Midwestern winter where my only means of transportation was my own two feet. Going to class meant walking at least a mile in lake effect snow and below zero temperatures—no amount of socks or layering or snowstorm clothing could get around it. I finally caved and bought a pair of bean boot knockoffs, which sadly could not stand the wear and tear of having to go to class in a blizzard.

So the next year, I decided that I wasn’t just going to invest money in a pair of boots for winter—I’d actually invest time researching them, too. I found that Ugg sold more winter boots than just the throw-on-and-go boot when it’s too cold to care about style. They actually had a line of waterproof, wool-lined boots that resembled the boots I wanted to wear. The ones I decided on were the Thomsen boots—at nearly $300, they were a little more than I’d usually spend on, well, anything, but my family chipped in as part of my birthday present. I hoped that these boots would keep me cozy and dry for more than one season.

Here I am, almost four years later, they’re still the most perfect winter boots I’ve ever owned. Due to the amount of walking I do each day, I’ve had to buy new insoles every other season, and last winter, I had to get the zipper replaced on one shoe. But other than that, they still do a great job keeping my feet warm and dry while also looking stylish.

Unfortunately the style I bought four years ago is not available to purchase new. However, Ugg still has the best selection of winter boots that are functional and cute. My sister is a proud owner of their Simmens boot (To buy: $190;, and I have my eyes on their Harington Riding Boot, too. (To buy: $250;