Finally, a bra that’s not only comfortable, but also matches your skin tone.

By Real Simple
Updated December 01, 2016

Anyone who’s had to try on bras knows the struggle: it’s hard to find one that fits just right—and if you’re looking for a nude-colored option, good luck finding one that goes with your skin tone. A new bra brand, TruNude, hopes to solve that dilemma by helping women find the perfect bra.

With TruNude, all bra ordering is done through the app. Simply upload a selfie (with a tank top on) and the app will match your skin tone to the correct bra color with a personal color code match. You’ll also fill out a profile to describe your body type, cup size, and more. In addition to numerous bra shades, the brand also offers sizes AA-M, plus a range of wing sizes (which are the sides of the bra), so there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

The creators hope that the app will help consumers feel more comfortable and confident, no matter what they’re wearing. With a bra that more closely matches your skin tone, you won’t have to hide bra straps or struggle to adjust ill-fitting bras. The undergarments are made of high-quality material and are fade-resistant (so you’ll always have a true color match), but the makers suggest you wash the delicates in cold water.

The app will go live in May, and its Kickstarter campaign is fully funded now. See more details on the company’s Kickstarter page.