The Internet is all abuzz over a product that solves the age-old dilemma of underboob sweat.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated August 10, 2017
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Ta-Ta Towel
Photo: Courtesy of Ta-Ta Towel
| Credit: Ta-Ta Towel/Facebook

At first it seemed like a joke, or a crazy meme someone created to deal with in the sweatiest days of summer. Then, we thought maybe it was an outtake from Saturday Night Live—a fake commercial from the same brilliant minds that brought us “Mom Jeans.”

But the Ta-Ta Towel is real. And it’s one of the hottest items to sweep the country since the fidget spinner (though it’s definitely not for children, and you definitely do not want it to do any spinning).

The Ta-Ta Towel is basically a lightweight, lined piece of fabric that hangs around your neck and then scoops your boobs into two neat little pouches and keeps them high and dry so they don’t trap sweat. Watch this video to see how it works.

The story of how the towel was invented is already becoming the stuff of entrepreneurial legend. Creator Erin Robertson was getting ready for a date, blow-drying her hair after a shower in her un-air-conditioned Los Angeles apartment, when her underboobs would not stop sweating. She tried jerry-rigging a tucked-up T-shirt and baby powder to keep her cool under there, but no luck. It was Sweat City.

And then she had her Aha moment, envisioning a spa-like towel to lift and cool at the same time. She bought a sewing machine, taught herself to stitch, and the Ta-Ta Towel was born.

Since the so-crazy-it’s-brilliant product hit the web, it has become an instant sensation, completely selling out at $45 a pop (Robertson is taking pre-orders now for the next batch and is furiously working to restock). It comes in three sizes, for women with C-cups and up—small-breasted women, you’re on your own, though you likely don’t need one. The colors and patterns range from a subtle sage to florals and geometrics that make the towel look almost like a stylin’ bikini top. The Ta-Ta Towel Facebook page shows women wearing the towel with shorts or sweatpants, lounging around the pool or doing dishes, as one does.

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Robertson says since she has unleashed the Ta-Ta Towel on the world, she has heard raves not only from women who want freedom from underboob sweat, but also from nursing mothers, who find the Towel the perfect absorbent solution for leakage and sore nipples.

But the most amazing thing about the Ta-Ta Towel may be that no one ever thought of it before!