This strapless bra doesn’t just stay up, it’s apparently the most comfortable bra some customers have ever worn.

By Stacey Leasca
Updated October 19, 2018
This Strapless Bras Actually Stays Up

Finding a strapless bra that fits well, doesn’t pucker out, and actually stays in place is akin to finding Bigfoot. Actually, it’s probably more likely you’ll find Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and a werewolf all in one place than you are to find a perfectly-fitting bustier. Unless, that is, you can get your hands on “The Flex” by Harper Wilde.

The bra has a seriously long list of fanatical fans. In fact, at one point it had a 6,000 person waiting list. But, if you’re in the market for a new bra (really, who isn’t?), we’ve got good news for you: The bra is back in stock and currently available in four different colors—beige, tan, brown, and black—and in sizes ranging from a 32A to 40DD. (If you’re unsure where you fit, here's how to measure your bra size). Oh, and it costs just $35.

But, how good is this bra really? "I haven't had to pull up my strapless bra once. I don't know what magic you put into these, but in all my years of wearing a strapless bra, this has never happened,” one reviewer shared.

“I have bought many strapless bras and have been disappointed time and time again. When I saw the strapless bra being advertised on the morning show I had to try it. Jumped, danced, bent over and it stayed in place,” another added.

Each bra comes with removable straps, side boning with no-slip seams that keep it well in place, a signature “x” bridge in the front for easier folding and storage, lightly padded cups, and microfiber breathable fabric that will stop underboob sweat in its tracks.

Get this bra. In fact, get this bra in every color, then buy one for your girlfriends as a gift–including Mrs. Bigfoot, Nessy, and Lady Werewolf too.