This might be the end of awkward, in-store bra fittings

By Madison Alcedo
Updated February 19, 2019
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Raise your hand if you’ve ever hated shopping for new bras. The whole fitting process at retail stores can be downright awkward and sometimes unhelpful if you still end up with the wrong size bra. Thanks to the intimate apparel brand Soma, you now have a genius way to measure your bra size at home to find the perfect undergarment style that’s best for you.

Say goodbye to wearing the wrong bra size because of a bad bra fitting, because Soma is revolutionizing the bra-fitting experience with its new SOMAINNOFIT bra that you can test in the comfort of your own home. This new smart bra uses copper fibers that connect to Bluetooth technology that then sync to a smartphone app, giving you specific measurements all while you’re wearing the bra.

I tried the SOMINNOFIT bra myself, and within seconds, I was looking at my own measurements on the app. To start the measurement process, download the corresponding Soma INNOFIT smartphone app. You’ll then be prompted to enter the sizes and brands of the two bras you normally wear so the app can compare.

To then get your measurements, simply put on the bra and click the button on the back. Be sure to adjust the bra so it fits your body like your typical bra band and straps do, and then press measure. Just make sure you remain super still!

The bra measures at four different points to give you your ideal size. At the end, you’ll see numerous bra styles from Soma that correspond to your new correct size, so that you can shop directly in the app. What’s also great about this sizing bra is that you can share it with your sister, mom, girlfriends, or whoever may need it—each person simply downloads the app and enters their unique bra identifier number.



To buy: $25 until February 27 (was $59);

When I was finished with the measurement process, I was surprised to find that I have been actually wearing the correct size of 36C, but the app also gave me style suggestions in sizes 36B, so your size can also depend on the style of bra, too.

Right now the SOMAINNOFIT bra is on sale for $25 until February 27, but I’ve also included some of Soma’s best-selling bras below that were recommended for me within the app.

Ultimately, with this genius technology you no longer need measuring tape or an online quiz to find your perfect bra size and fit. It’s great for new moms who have varying sizes throughout pregnancy and after, or just for anyone who goes through changes in life when your breast and bra size may change.

Embraceable Full Coverage Bra


To buy: $44;

Enbliss Wireless Bra


To buy: $48;

Vanishing Back Full Coverage Bra


To buy: $56;

Enticing Lift Unlined Balconette Bra


To buy: $58;