These Bamboo Bra Liners Are a 'Godsend' for Persistent Under-Chest Sweat, According to Amazon Shoppers

They help with chafing and rashes, too.

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Finding a bra that keeps you comfortable and supported all day is challenging enough—but add hot and humid weather to the equation, and pretty much everything in your underwear drawer seems destined to feel like a total drag. But Amazon shoppers have uncovered a budget-friendly solution that can make any bra a little more summer-proof. More of Me to Love's bra liners are designed to prevent visible under-boob sweat, chafing, and rashes, providing serious relief to bra-wearers.

The simple fabric pads are made of naturally cooling bamboo and absorbent cotton and designed to lay flat against your breastbone, providing a barrier between your skin and your bra's band. They help act as a safeguard against sweat, preventing dreaded T-shirt stains and irritation that might arise from friction between the skin and the bra. With over 500 five-star reviews, the bra liners have received high praise from Amazon shoppers, some of whom call them a "godsend."

"These are so, so soft," one reviewer, who called the bra liners the ″best summer purchase,″ says. "I tuck them under my breasts and then ease my bra on top and they stay in place all day. At the end of the day they might be very damp, but my skin is comfy. Also, I'm able to rotate through them, letting them dry in between, and get a good three uses out of each before I wash them. Even then, they don't smell."

Others say they're great at relieving discomfort. "Even if I sweat profusely (working outdoors in Florida in the springtime), they absorb everything," a customer wrote. "I used to have constant irritation under my breasts due to sweat. I have eczema and it would flare up all the time in the summer. Now I've worn these for a week straight and 95 percent of the irritation is gone."

More of Me to Love Feel Fresh Bamboo & Cotton Bra Liner


To buy: $15 for three;

Shoppers recommend finding your ideal size by measuring across your chest or simply dividing your band size in half. Then, select the bra liner size that best corresponds to this measurement. For the best fit, you'll want to make sure that the liner isn't too long, but can lie comfortably across your chest. When they're tucked so only a little bit (about a quarter-inch) shows below the underwire, they fit securely with little risk of falling down.

Summertime sweat may be an inevitability, but it doesn't have to make you uncomfortable or ruin your outfit. A simple bra liner might just become your new secret weapon.

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