This Unlined Bra Is So Comfy, I Accidentally Fell Asleep in It

And I wear size 38DD.

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The Dot Mesh Unlined Bra

Finding a comfortable bra is a journey (to say the least) that has not gotten much easier despite the fact that we are literally living in the space age. This is often only made worse if you're "big chested" like me—I wear a size 38DD. The landscape has been improving, however, so I have become less discerning when it comes to trying out new bras.

A good bra is one of the few products in life that I remain vehemently and unwaveringly loyal to. As a shopping writer, I am lucky to have the opportunity to receive and test samples frequently, and whenever a bra comes my way, you better believe I am wearing it within minutes. This was exactly the case with Lively's new unlined dot mesh bra, and I'm happy to report it was a wildly comfortable experience.

The Dot Mesh Unlined Bra

To buy: $45;

The true test of a bra is not only if it's comfortable, but if it's still comfortable after nine to 12 hours. For me, this means no irritation (some bras do this to me where the underwire makes contact with my skin), no bra straps that dig into my shoulders, no subsequent breakouts, and no overall feeling that someone has very poorly strapped sandbags to my chest. The first time I wore Lively's new bra, even after nine hours, I forgot I had it on and went to bed in it—something that has literally never happened to me.

When it comes to the specifics of the bra, let's start with the good. It just felt incredibly comfortable in a way I am unable to adequately articulate. The toggle for adjusting the straps is on the front of the bra, which makes a huge difference. The classic design of having them on the back is such a pain—if you decide halfway through the day that you'd like the straps a little tighter or looser, you basically have to completely undress in a bathroom stall. Overall, my breasts were held up, and even with my sensitive skin, I barely noticed the fabric on my body.

Because of my 38DDs, going braless isn't the euphoric experience some people describe it as. But wearing Lively's mesh bra must be like that feeling of utter comfort others describe. My only complaint is that the mesh bra didn't do much to shape my breasts—it made them look less round than I prefer. Then again, it is an unlined mesh bra, so perhaps that's to be expected.

The new style comes in two colors: Orchid, a pale pink, and Harbor Green, a light forest green. If you're interested in the bra, be warned that it's limited-edition, and the brand told Real Simple that it's expected it to be completely sold out within a few months. Shop the bra at Lively while you still can.

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