Its most popular bra has gained a cult following. 

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Walk into most lingerie stores and you'll see a vast selection of scratchy lace bras and barely-there bras that don't represent what women actually want to wear in their every day lives. That's why Joanna Griffiths interviewed hundreds of women before launching her own brand of underwear, Knix. The result: comfortable underwear that serves the needs of women of various lifestages.

Introducing, Pee-Proof Underwear

Griffiths' first mission: creating leak-proof, pee-proof underwear. When she learned from her mother that most women experience leaks during pregnancy, Griffiths was determined to design comfortable underwear that could handle this common problem. While going to business school for her MBA, she became obsessed with creating pee-proof underwear, and years later, Knix underwear is now a reality. Designed to handle leaks—whether during pregnancy, your period, or any other time—the absorbent underwear comes in a bikini, thong, or boyshort to match what's most comfortable for you. While the concept now has some competitors (such as Thinx), several years ago the idea of stylish, pee-proof underwear that didn't look like a diaper was unheard-of.

Up Next: An Actually-Comfortable Bra

For its first Kickstarter campaign, Knixwear decided to tackle a near-impossible challenge: creating a bra that's actually comfortable, wire-free, size-inclusive, and has adjustable straps. The demand for such a bra was so great that the 8-in-1 Evolution Bra ended up raising more than $1.5 million in pre-sales on Kickstarter. The campaign was so successful, it even surprised Griffiths. "I knew that the product was really good, I fully believed in it, but I think I underestimated just how much women were craving a very comfortable, versatile, wire-free bra that truly gives support," she says.

After the highly successfully Kickstarter campaign, there was no mistaking that Knix had discovered a hole in the market. Now, several products later (including a revolutionary new sports bra), Griffiths is continuing to redefine the lingerie industry by providing products real women need.