This Is the Right Way to Pack Your Bras

There's a simple trick to packing your bras so they don't end up crushed and deformed in your suitcase.

Here's How to Pack Your Bras the Right Way
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Packing up your clothes for a trip may seem like an easy enough task. All you need to do is decide if you're a roller or a folder. And, of course, learn the proper way to pack your bras.

Indeed, there is a right way and a wrong way to fold up and pack your brassieres. And it's not simply tossing them in your luggage last minute. That behavior, the experts at bra company Third Love note, can cause your favorite bras to break down, form creases, and degrade even faster. Instead, the company offers this easy three-step packing solution.

First, you should be leaving your bras for last. "Packing your bras at the very end will prevent your other items from crushing them," the site explains, adding you'll want to keep this in mind while packing so you leave ample room.

Next, Third Love suggests leave all your bras unhooked and stack them one on top of the other. This will help them keep their shape even on long-haul journeys.

Finally, Third Love believes wholeheartedly in stuffing your bra. While packing them up, stuff each cup with a few of your smaller items like underwear and socks. This will help your bras keep their shape and help you save a little space in your bag for souvenirs.

As for how many bras you need to pack, the company said it's up to you but suggested bringing along three different styles—strapless, t-shirt, and plunging—to ensure you're covered for all your style needs.

Looking for the perfect travel bra? Here are three of our favorite selections to try right now.

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How to Pack Bras - Bra at Neiman Marcus

Cosabella Bra at Neiman Marcus: The Right Way to Pack Bras

Sometimes your bra needs to be the star of the show, and that's exactly what Cosabella's lace bralette will do. The bra comes with delicate strap detail, making it the ideal layering piece. Also available in white.

To buy: $98;

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Strapless Bra Spanx, How to Pack Bras

Spanx Strapless Bra, How to Pack Bras

Spanx us the company to go for if you're looking for a form-fitting bra. This strapless bra from the company promises to stay in place all day and all night and won't pull, tug or pinch like your typical strapless bra. It also comes with straps you can pop on when you don't need the strapless style. So go ahead and get it in black and nude.

To buy: $74;

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Thirdlove Bra, How to Pack Bras

The Trick to Packing Your Bras Correctly

Third Love's 24/7 bra really is the everyday bra you've been looking for. The bra will also be a perfect fit thanks to the site's camera-assistant measurements. And, with just enough lace detailing to feel special, you won't mind showing it off.

To buy: $68;

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