The 5-Minute Fix That Repairs Broken Underwire Bras

Breathe new life into worn-out bras with this DIY fix for broken underwires.

The 5-Minute Fix That Repairs Broken Underwire Bras
Photo: Emma Darvick

A perfectly snug, supportive bra is hard to find—especially when said bra is the only undergarment that really *gets* you among a drawer littered with ill-fitting options. But with regular use comes regular wear, and it's only a matter of time before your everyday bra begins to bear the mark of a doomed undergarment—the broken underwire.

Fabric breakdown is inevitable, but that doesn't make dealing with the pain of a broken underwire bra any easier. "Fabric has a lifespan depending on your wearing and washing cycle," says Laetitia Lecigne, creative director at Jockey. Fortunately, a quick, at-home fix exists to eliminate the discomfort of an underwire poking out and digging into sensitive skin.

If the underwire is snapped and simply beyond repair, it's time to upgrade your undergarments. But if you're not yet ready to part with your tried-and-true bra, follow this step-by-step guide to repairing broken underwires for extended wear.

What You Need:

  • Needle and upholstery thread ($7 for 2 spools,
  • 1-inch piece of duct tape
  • Clear nail polish
how to fix a broken underwire bra
Emma Darvick

How to Fix a Broken Underwire Bra:

  1. Begin by pulling out the protruding underwire slightly, so that 2-3 inches of the wire is visible beyond the broken seam.
  2. Cover the end of the wire by wrapping a one-inch piece of duct tape around the metal tip. This will prevent the wire from tearing through the fabric once more after repair.
  3. Gently thread the wire back through the hole in the fabric until the wire is back in its original position.
  4. Thread the needle using a 6-8 inch length of upholstery thread (the heavy-duty alternative to traditional string) and stitch gap in the fabric closed. Form a knot to tie off the thread once the seam is sewn shut.
  5. Prevent the stitch from coming undone by lightly painting on a layer of clear nail polish over the seam. Allow the polish to dry before wear.
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