Make sure your lingerie drawer has at least one of each of these types of multi-tasking bras—no matter what life throws at you, at least you’ll have plenty of support.

By Courtney Leiva
September 21, 2018

Just the thought of going hunting for a well-fitting bra may be enough to scare you away from the lingerie store—and a helpful fitting you probably need. But don’t give up on bra shopping altogether.

Instead, bra expert Kimmay Caldwell (she’s been fitting women for 13-plus years) suggests looking at bras as helpful tools—they do support the important part of your body sitting right above the heart, after all. And if you currently have bras in your wardrobe that clearly aren’t working, Caldwell says it’s okay to start fresh—or do a bra purge—so you can curate the undergarments that best support your unique wardrobe.

If you aren’t exactly sure what starting fresh looks like, Caldwell advises keeping three to five basic bras on hand that will work with 70 percent of your wardrobe. Investing in Caldwell’s recommended five bra staples can give your intimates drawer a good fine-tuning—and give you a starting place for building the rest of your super supportive bra collection.

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