The answer may surprise you, because here's the thing: it's not a neutral color.

By Samantha Peters
April 03, 2018

Nothing ruins the aesthetic of a sleek white t-shirt more than the color of your bra showing through. But before you reach for your neutral underpinnings, consider this: a red bra could be your new go-to. Yes, you heard us right: red.

“Skin naturally has red undertones, which helps subdue the color, making a red bra nearly invisible under a white t-shirt,”according to bra expert and Head of Marketing for Triumph lingerie Mona Esphahani.

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The trick is choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone. "Generally speaking, women with fair skin should opt for a blue-red colored bra," she says. "Olive tones look best with cranberry, whereas darker skin tones have the ability to go with a rich scarlet color or even a red wine burgundy.”

So in addition to being discreet under your favorite white tee, a red bra is also a fun way to switch up your undergarment routine. For your most flawless and sexy look yet, check out some of our top picks below.

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