Bra Brands That’ll Fit Right—No Matter Your Size

Getting proper measurements is tricky enough, but whats a girl to do when her band and cup size are uncommon? We’ve rounded up four great stores that carry beautiful bras for sizes 32AAA to 56H.


If You’re on the Smaller Side…

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Lula Lu focuses on petite lingerie, stocking everything from corsets to T-shirt bras, starting at size 32AAA. Look for gorgeous options from both their own in-house line and other great designers. Pro tip: If you’re measurements fall in between band sizes, try going up one size, not down.

To buy: Demi cup bra, $60;


If You’re on the Bustier Side…

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Brayola offers the widest range of sizes out there, beginning at 28A and going all the way to 56H, with an even more expansive range of cup sizes (up to N) in between. Pro tip: Very few women have perfectly symmetrical breasts—for the most comfortable bra, always judge fit based on your larger side.

To buy: Elomi convertible bra, $64;


If You’re in Between Cup Sizes…

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Cup sizing may be standardized, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s breasts are. ThirdLove provides bras in half-cup sizes A-E (yes, you can be a 34B ½!) for all the in-betweeners out there. Pro tip: Always start wearing a new bra on the loosest hooks. That way, as it stretches (it inevitably will), you can make it tighter and extend its lifespan.

To buy: Lace balconette bra, $76;


If You’re Fuller-Figured…

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Want a little more control than a basic bra offers? Bare Necessities has one of the broadest selections of bras that are made to fit and flatter, whether you’re looking for lingerie that smooths, minimizes, shapes, or just has comfortable straps. Pro tip: It may not be the bra you opt for every day, but if you have trouble with buttons gaping on shirts and blouses, a minimizing bra could be just the solution.

To buy: Chantelle T-shirt bra, $69;