The new collaboration between Keds and Kate Spade is for brides who'd rather wear tennis shoes than stilettos on their wedding day.

By Sarah Yang
Updated January 31, 2018
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Annie Banks made wearing tennis shoes with your wedding dress a thing in Father of the Bride, and the new line of wedding sneakers from Keds and Kate Spade prove that comfortable doesn't have to be ugly. In fact, their stylish kicks are so cute they're great for walking down the aisle, dancing the night away at the reception, or even gifting to bridesmaids.

The styles, which come in traditional lace-up sneakers and platform slip-ons, include a range of wedding-inspired embellishments, from crystals to pearls. An added bonus: Keds points out that the shoes can be your something new and something blue (thanks to the logo).

Take a look at some of our favorite wedding sneakers from the collection:

Triple Decker Pearls

Just because you’re wearing sneakers, doesn’t mean you have to lose the height you get from donning a pair of heels. These one-inch platform slip-on sneakers are embellished with shiny pearls.

To buy: $120;

Triple Decker Crystals

If your wedding theme is all about the bling, you’ll want to slip on these crystal-encrusted sneakers to match your jewelry. It’s the perfect shoe to show off your dance moves if you’re changing into a shorter dress for the reception or the after party—just think about how the jewels will shine when you’re on the dance floor.

To buy: $120;

Champion Glitter

It’s your wedding day so don’t be afraid to stand out. You’ll be sure to make a big impression with these super-sparkly glitter sneakers. These come with two pairs of laces—wear the satin ribbon ones during the big day and the cotton ones for everyday errands.

To buy: $85;

Triple Decker Flowers

Talk about flower power. These platform sneakers have sparkly flower embellishments that might just rival your bouquet. After the wedding, you can pair these with a sundress or your favorite pair of jeans on the weekends.

To buy: $120;


You can’t go wrong with classic polka dots. The subtle, sparkly accents from the polka dots to the gold aglets (shoelace tips) make what looks like an ordinary sneaker more special for the occasion.

To buy: $80;