The new collaboration between Keds and Kate Spade is for brides who'd rather wear tennis shoes than stilettos on their wedding day. 

By Sarah Yang
January 31, 2018

Annie Banks made wearing tennis shoes with your wedding dress a thing in Father of the Bride, and the new line of wedding sneakers from Keds and Kate Spade prove that comfortable doesn't have to be ugly. In fact, their stylish kicks are so cute they're great for walking down the aisle, dancing the night away at the reception, or even gifting to bridesmaids.

The styles, which come in traditional lace-up sneakers and platform slip-ons, include a range of wedding-inspired embellishments, from crystals to pearls. An added bonus: Keds points out that the shoes can be your something new and something blue (thanks to the logo).

Take a look at some of our favorite wedding sneakers from the collection:

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