The Kate Spade smartwatch comes in three chic styles—and it's cheaper than the Apple watch.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated February 06, 2018
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Kate Spade Smart Watch

We no longer have to sacrifice style for function, now that the Kate Spade smartwatch is here. It's currently available in three styles—tan leather, black leather, and rose gold metal—and each smartwatch has the signature Kate Spade scallop around the face.

Here's something else: smartwatch owners can customize the face of their watch, depending on their mood. The options shown on are a winking "leading lady," a white daisy with falling petals, and a retro NYC taxi cab that reads "in a New York minute."

The video touting the new launch also shows how you can create a custom color for the background while the time stamp looks like gold balloons.

In addition to the obvious (telling time), the Kate Spade smartwatch has the same functionality you'd expect from any other smartwatch, including notifications when your friends post on Instagram and alerts when you need to be in a meeting at work. And yes, those with an iPhone or Android can sync their phone with their watches to listen to music, too.