Never lose your ID again. 

By Alexandra Schonfeld
Updated June 14, 2017
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Kate Spade Scallop Pocket

I never used to leave the house without a bag. Since my phone, wallet, and keys (my three essentials) don’t exactly fit in my pockets, I’d reach for an entire purse. But squeezing into a crowded subway with a clunky bag never makes you any friends and digging around under lost lip balms and empty packs of gum to find your wallet can be annoying at best.

And so it went—until I found a tiny, $5 accessory. This little add-on sticks right onto my phone to consolidate the necessities—no bag required. It’s not only saved me some schlepping and digging, but it has also made me realize how much unnecessary clutter one gathers simply by having a space to dump it (I’m looking at you receipts, wrappers, and old ticket stubs).

I use the sticker pocket to hold my ID, subway pass, credit card, and sometimes even a few dollars in cash. Some have asked if I worry about my cards falling out of it, but I have never seen that happen. All the pockets are snug enough, so there's no room for slippage. But a word to the wise: Cramming the pockets will eventually cause stretching, which could cause problems.

Though you can get a classic option for as little as $5, those looking for extra style points can find versions by designers like Kate Spade. (I like this sleek metallic leather option!) You can even find these handy little wallets for free (like I did) at store openings or other promotional events.