Shopping for new bling? Consult this convenient measuring tool first.
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When it comes to shopping online for shoes, dresses, jeans, or jackets, it helps to know your size. (Ask anyone who's dealt with returning an ill-fitting outfit to an online-only retailer.) The same can be said for jewelry shopping, especially when you're in the market for a new ring that fits (and sparkles) beautifully.

Knowing how to measure your ring size is crucial when browsing for a new bauble, but recalling your exact measurements for each of your 10 digits is much is easier said than done. The process of purchasing the perfect ring is made that much more baffling when you're jewelry shopping for someone else. Fortunately, you don't have to step foot outside your home to find the right fit. Enter Amazon's reusable ring-sizer gauge ($3;

Made from durable plastic to measure ring sizes from 1 to 17, the affordable tool essentially acts as a belt for your finger. To use it, you first form a loop, then slip the band over your finger and note the size indicated by the gauge's black arrow. It effectively takes the guesswork out of ring shopping, especially for those browsing for engagement rings or wedding bands.

Aside from its ability to measure half sizes and be reused over and over again, the ring-sizer currently has a near five-star rating on Amazon. "This is a gem worth its weight in not-having-to-visit-a-jewelry-store gold," wrote one reviewer. "I'm glad I went with this, as it's nice and compact, and fits easily into my jewelry box," raved another. "The lettering is raised off the band, so it will still be possible to read even if the paint wears off, as I expect it to in a couple of years."

Before you Amazon Prime the ring-sizer to your doorstep, keep in mind the essentials of ensuring a proper fit. According to the diamond ring experts at Blue Nile, a ring is just right when it's snug enough so it won't fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with little effort. Ring size should be measured three to four times for accuracy and at the end of the day, since that's when your fingers are at their warmest.

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