The 5 Best Places to Rent Expensive Jewelry for a Fraction of the Retail Price

Yes, you can borrow gorgeous (even designer) jewelry for anything from weddings to work days.

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We can't all be A-list pop stars, walking along red carpets and dripping in diamonds. But you don't have to be rich and famous to swan into your next party while rocking some seriously pricey, trendy jewelry. How so? Rent it. Popular online rental sites and subscription services make expensive, designer jewelry not only attainable for the rest of us, but surprisingly affordable. So next time you're dying to test drive a pair of pearl Chanel earrings, consider renting them for $29 a month (instead of buying them for $500 and missing a rent payment). Below are five online jewelry rental sites that let you borrow the most gorgeous bling with no strings attached.

1. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway offers wear-and-return attire options for everything from black-tie galas to the office—but did you know you can rent fine jewelry too? Request a one-time rental for a specific event or sign up to receive monthly shipments of beautiful jewelry for as little as $6 per piece.

2. Flont

Wish your jewelry box was overflowing with designer pieces? Flont can make that happen. At $59 per month, a Flont membership gives you access to jewelry from renowned fashion houses and need-to-know newcomers—and everything in between. Want to rent once without a membership? You can do that too.

3. Red Carpet Rocks

Red Carpet Rocks is ideal for shopaholics on a budget. Rent stunning, demi-fine jewelry starting at $39 and it's yours for four days. Show off your trendy baubles, drop them off at your nearest FedEx with a prepaid label—then start shopping for your next rental ASAP.

4. Haute Vault

After applying for a Haute Vault membership online, choose the membership option perfect for your budget and lifestyle, then get ready to reserve jaw-dropping jewelry and watches from its curated collections.

5. Switch

Whether you need diamond earrings for your wedding day or runway-worthy statement earrings just for fun, Switch has you covered. Choose from one of three membership plans, then start shopping for whatever designer bling you're in the mood for at the moment.

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