By Andra Chantim
Updated July 10, 2013
Illustration of woman holding up pieces of jewelry
Credit: Peter Oumanski

"I have a ton of outdated and broken jewelry."

Liz Lightfoot, via e-mail

Give reinventing it a go. jewelry designer Lindsay Cain has a few ideas for costume baubles: Glue a pin closure to the back of a pendant to turn it into a brooch; attach an earring to a beaded strand to make a bold necklace; or tie ribbon to the ends of a choker to extend its length. To revamp precious metals and gems, go to an expert, such as Joel McFadden, a designer based in Red Bank, New Jersey ( For $350, he'll design an intricate model of a new piece that uses your old stuff. (Executing it costs extra.) Not your thing? Flip it. Gold and silver (even broken) is easy to sell. Find a trustworthy jeweler near you through the Jewelry Information Center (

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