These Are the Most-Searched Engagement Ring Styles, According to Google

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Engagement season is in full swing already. But before proposing, the proposer and proposee (is that a word?) have some research to do, and they're taking their valid queries to Google to do it. According to Google data, the peak in proposals and engagements occurs in September—at least when it comes to search interest in "marriage proposals." Whether that means people are actually popping the question in September or gearing up to make the big ask in the coming weeks and months (we all know how popular it is for people to get engaged over the holidays!), it means a spike in Google searches about everything from how to propose, to how to drop hints to a partner to propose, to, of course, what ring to get for their left fourth finger.

The numbers are in, and per Google's analytics, the most searched engagement ring styles are as follows.

The Most-Searched Engagement Ring Styles

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Oval Engagement Ring

Vrai oval diamond engagement ring

The oval is a stunning cut, a modern take on the all-time classic round-cut center stone. An oval engagement ring can make a diamond look larger than a round-cut, and the elongated shape can help elongate the look of your finger, too. You don't need to deal with sharp corners, they're super sparkly thanks to their brilliant cut, and it often looks larger than its price would suggest.

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Vintage Engagement Ring

Heidi Gibson vintage-inspired engagement ring

Many people look for a vintage ring, snag a family heirloom, or shop for a new ring inspired by vintage elements for that old-world look. Vintage rings carry history, and some people love wearing something with a rich past, unique story, and sentimental value. Antique rings are also completely one-of-a-kind—something that's hard to come by in this age of Instagram selfies and Google searches. Whether you're going Art Deco, Edwardian, or Mid-Century, a vintage ring will be a gorgeous unique piece and the best cocktail party conversation starter around.

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Halo Engagement Ring

Brilliant Earth rose gold halo engagement ring

Halo engagement rings have been a popular choice for several years now, and their main claim to fame is the ability to up a ring's size and sparkle factor for less. A halo is a delicate border of small diamonds that surrounds the center stone, making it look larger and adding dimension and shine.

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Simple Engagement Ring

Catbird NYC simple solitaire emerald cut diamond engagement ring

There's nothing like a simple, minimalist engagement ring. Your ring doesn't need to be bound in double halos, side stones, pavés, and complicated settings to be special and beautiful. Many just want a straightforward piece they'll look forward to wearing every day, that goes with everything, and that simply signifies their devotion to their partner. No bells and whistles necessary—classic is classic for a reason! If you're opting for a simple engagement, your best bet is a solitaire ring (one stone) on a plain metal band (no diamond pavé), and a simple prong or bezel setting.

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Pear Engagement Ring

De Beers diamond pear engagement ring with halo

These days, it's all about the pear-shaped stone. This is a fun and super-unique cut that still has a timeless feel. It looks beautiful on its own (solitaire), with a halo, or side stones. For reference, some famous celebrity pear engagement rings include Elizabeth Taylor's giant stunner, Victoria Beckham's (also giant) ring, Margot Robbie's delicate pear, and Emily Ratajkowski's asymmetrical two-stone ring.

The Most-Searched Engagement Ring Stones

  1. Diamond
  2. Moissanite
  3. Sapphire
  4. Emerald
  5. Opal
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