Ring fingers everywhere will be sporting these eye-catching diamond details in 2020.

Whatever your personal style, you really can't go wrong with a diamond engagement ring. Beyond its beauty, brilliance, and symbolism, a diamond is not only timeless, but basically always on trend.

As white diamonds—and more specifically, round-cut white diamonds—maintain their status as the most popular engagement ring centerstone, jewelry designers keep finding fresh ways to make them irresistible and unique, either by reinventing tried-and-true classic styles (as with the most popular types of engagement ring settings) or thinking totally outside the box. So what's new in the engagement ring world—and what's coming back—in 2020? The experts at Brilliant Earth, who specialize in ethically sourced jewelry, predict the top diamond ring trends that will be gracing social media feeds and ring fingers everywhere in the new year. If you're currently shopping for (or *patiently* waiting for) that ring, these timely ring trends are full of inspiration for your 2020 sparkler choice.

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1 Elongated Diamond Cuts

Taking note of the hottest celebrity engagement rings, and citing the surge in Pinterest search traffic, Brilliant Earth pros forecast a future full of diamonds with elongated cuts. Searches for "elongated cushion engagement rings" are up 143 percent on Pinterest, but what exactly does "elongated cut" mean?

These include ovals (like those worn by Blake Lively, Hailey Bieber, and Bindi Irwin), emerald cuts (these are long, geometric rectangles), elongated cushion cuts (similar in shape to emerald diamonds, but with a different internal cut), and pear-shaped (or tear-drop). "With celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Kelly Dodd, Bindi Irwin and more sporting these types of rings, we expect these chic yet classic cuts to remain popular in 2020," says Brilliant Earth.

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2 Yellow Gold

It's pretty easy to thank Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, as well as The Bachelorette personalities JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay, for the return of this gorgeous metal. While yellow gold has never exactly gone out of style, platinum has been a top pick for engagement ring metals in recent years for its durability and versatility. Brilliant Earth anticipates yellow gold will keep "holding onto its moment in the spotlight as we move into 2020; its warm tone pairs beautifully with classic, contemporary, and vintage-inspired styles."

3 Stacked and Nested Rings

Brilliant Earth also expects a return to simple and classic engagement rings that can easily be accented with more intricate stacking bands. If you like the idea of road-testing trendy styles without the commitment, this is the perfect solution. "Whether diamond-accented, curved, chevron-, or crescent-shaped, these are the perfect complement to any engagement ring, allowing the wearer to express their individual style."

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4 Fancy Eternity Bands

Not into a ring featuring one large stone? Leave that ever-popular style to everyone else and opt for an eternity band on your fourth finger instead. "In lieu of a classic engagement ring, we anticipate a rise in popularity of eternity bands, which are a glamorous and elegant alternative, featuring a dazzling row of diamonds with maximum sparkle from every angle," say Brilliant Earth pros. Wear a barely-there, micropavé eternity ring, or make a statement with a unique band with fancy shaped diamonds, like oval or emerald cuts—your options are endless.

5 Solitaires With Unexpected Details

According to Brilliant Earth, "many couples are embracing rings that at first glance seem understated, but actually feature impactful details that add a subtle, special surprise." Ever heard of a secret halo? Think of a classic solitaire engagement ring with an almost-hidden band of delicate diamonds below—rather than flush with and surrounding—a raised center stone. The focus remains on the gorgeous center diamond, but offers extra, unexpected sparkle from all angles, not just from above.

6 Shared Prong Styles

This intricate detail sounds way more complicated than it is—but all you need to know is that shared prong style engagement rings look like they have floating diamonds along the band. Brilliant Earth's social media followers fell in love with this romantic ring design in 2019 (particularly with an oval center stone), and there's no reason it won't continue stealing likes in 2020.

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7 Delicate Halos

Diamond halos are nothing new, and 2020 will continue to see couples add a extra sparkle to their rings with exceptionally delicate halos. "A classic halo adds the perfect amount of additional sparkle to a center diamond, making it appear larger and more brilliant overall—a delicate halo is the perfect way to add subtle sparkle to a ring," Brilliant Earth experts say.

8 Fancy-Shaped Side Stones

It's all about the three-stone, and even multi-stone, engagement ring this year. The royals, including Duchess Meghan and Princess Beatrice, have put this elegant design back on the map, and 2020 will see even more unique side-stone cuts and configurations.

What exactly constitutes fancy-shaped side stones? The pros recommend: "Opt for an art deco–inspired look with tapered baguette diamonds, or something more contemporary with pear, marquise, or trillion-shaped cuts." Eye-catching side stones easily offer dimension and personality to a classic-cut center stone.

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