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Connoisseurs Fine Jewelry Cleaner | Bring New Life Back to Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, and Precious Gemstones in Just 30 Seconds - 8 Fl Oz

Though I'm more likely to add clothes and shoes from Target to my everyday rotation than I am to purchase designer pieces, one area in which I do tend to invest in is jewelry. I'm most drawn to necklaces, rings, and bracelets that promise to stand the test of time. I love knowing that the vast majority of items that I own are either gifts from myself or my loved ones or heirlooms that have been passed down to me from my grandparents. Over the years, I have collected quite a few easy-to-wear pieces that I tend to layer daily—but I have largely failed to find a great cleaning method.

I'm fortunate to have multiple family-owned jewelry stores in my hometown that are happy to run necklaces and rings through their professional-grade cleaners. But as more of my fine jewelry pieces seemed to dull and my silver tarnished, I realized my jewelry cleaning needs had surpassed what I felt comfortable asking a shop to clean for free. Instead, I knew I wanted to find an alternative I could do at home. I'm embarrassed to say that to-do sat on my list for more than a year until I did a quick search, read plenty of Amazon reviews, and purchased Connoisseurs jewelry cleaners.

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaners

To buy: $5 (was $10);

I decided to start with Connoisseurs Fine Jewelry Cleaner because I really wanted my yellow gold rings and necklace to look far brighter. After seeing that the cleaner had more than 21,000 five-star ratings and was on sale for $5 (note: the sale is ongoing), I felt like I was making a great choice. I was also intrigued by the directions that said I would only need to dip each piece into the cleaner for 30 seconds.

One of the reviews that sparked my interest in purchasing was from one Amazon shopper who said their ring looked like it had been professionally cleaned.

"About a month before I purchased this, I had my ring professionally cleaned at my jeweler," said the reviewer. "Within a few weeks, the ring was already cloudy looking and I could see particles under the stone. I purchased this hoping it would save me a trip to the jeweler. I wish I had taken a before picture because it turned out amazing. Just as clean as when I had it professionally cleaned."

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaners
Carly Totten

When the cleaner arrived, I followed the step-by-step instructions noted on the back of the container. I peeled off the seal and was met with the dip tray and brush (the brush is connected to the tray). Then I placed each piece onto the tray and lowered it back into the container's ammonia-free solution for 30 seconds. Once clean, I ran each individual piece of jewelry under warm water before drying it off with a paper towel. I was floored: Every item looked brand new, even my heirloom pieces.

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaners

To buy: $5 (was $30);

I was so impressed with the Connoisseurs Fine Jewelry Cleaner that I jumped to purchase the brand's silver jewelry cleaner (also on sale). The only process difference between the two is silver jewelry is only dipped into the solution via the all-in-one tray for 10 seconds. Even though I had already experienced great results with the fine jewelry cleaner, I have to admit I was skeptical about whether or not 10 seconds would really make a difference. However, I should have trusted the process. A few quick seconds removed years' worth of tarnish—and other Amazon shoppers have said the same thing.

"My sterling silver jewelry was totally restored to a shiny, sparkling silver like I haven't seen in years," said a five-star reviewer. "I am so happy I found this stuff. I can finally start wearing some of the nice sterling silver jewelry I haven't worn in years."

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaners
Carly Totten

Connoisseurs fine and silver jewelry cleaners top the list of my favorite recent Amazon purchases—and for $10, I really wish I would have jumped into cleaning my jewelry at home so much sooner. It truly does take seconds, and it makes a world of difference.

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