These handy earring backs will keep your favorite accessory tight in your ear.

By Real Simple
Updated May 14, 2015

When it comes to lost items, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a special earring. No matter how sparkly those gemstones or how gleaming that precious metal, when you’re searching a locker room, restaurant bathroom, or grassy lawn for a piece of jewelry the size of your pinky nail, the odds are against you. That’s why Chrysmela earring catches just might be our favorite Japanese import since sushi. These earring backs lock into place as soon as you push them onto the post, and won’t slide off until you gently pull the edge to release the lock. They’re easy to operate, come in 24k gold, platinum, and rose gold, and have inspired us to upgrade our favorite earrings from “special occasion” to “everyday” status.

You can purchase the earring backs just below the video, or by visiting this link. Real Simple is an affiliate partner of Joyus.