This Smart—and Stylish—Necklace Has a Secret Function to Keep You Safe

I'm getting one for all my friends and family.

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In a world of catcalling, harassment, and unsolicited violence, here's the sad reality: Nearly one in every three women is attacked at some point in her lifetime, according to a recent study from the World Health Organization. Many of these emergencies happen quickly and unexpectedly, so there isn't enough time to contact loved ones or police.

Enter Invisawear, a discreet and fashionable way to send an SOS. Unlike other safety devices that are too bulky or display an obvious "panic button," Invisawear accessories are ideal for everyday wear—in fact, we bet you can't tell a difference between it and regular jewelry.

The brand currently offers a wide selection of bracelet, necklace, and keychain designs. Here's how it works: Each item holds a charm with a hidden button on the backside. If you push the button two times, it immediately texts up to five friends/family members with your exact GPS location to let them know that you need help—even if you don't know where you are or can't speak.

The jewelry also works with a free phone app, which allows you to enable an optional feature that instantly notifies 9-1-1 dispatchers of your location during an emergency. 9-1-1 will then call your cell, and if you don't answer, they will send help. You can even set your phone to play an alarm to deter the attacker or attract other people nearby. If you do have access to your phone, you can use the app to quickly alert the appropriate people for fire, medical emergencies, car crash, and police.

The smart jewelry is definitely something that I wish I had sooner. As a working woman in the city (pre-COVID), I have many evening events that require me to commute home alone at night, so it's a big relief knowing that I'll have some sartorial backup when we do return to normalcy.

This is especially important now: As a Korean-American living in a climate when AAPI violence is at an all-time high, this necklace has made me feel 10 times safer, even when it's for an activity as normal as going to the grocery store (we've been attacked for less). My parents feel a lot better knowing that I have it, and it also makes a great gift for anyone you worry about (I plan on giving one to my closest Asian-American friends and family).

"I pray I never have to use it, but the instant I put it on I knew what it was finally like to have a superpower in the form of a necklace," says one user in a review. "Wonder Woman has a cape, I have invisaWear. The necklace is also super cute, and I constantly get compliments—and then I get to gush about it! It really looks awesome alone or layered in with other pieces."

Another plus? There's no charging necessary! The battery life is guaranteed to last one year (but typically lasts close to two years depending on the usage). The app will automatically detect once the battery is low, and sends a notification to purchase a discounted replacement charm (which starts at $99).

Although there is no obligation to sign up for monthly fees, the brand also offers a premium subscription at $20 a month where you get 24/7 access to trained ADT agents who will stay with you on the line anytime you feel unsafe. (The membership also comes with self-defense classes!)

I wear the brand's Gold Star Burst Charm Necklace with Crystal Pendant ($249;, but you can shop all of invisaWear's cute styles on its website, with prices starting at $129. Trust: If you ever walk home alone, go running outside, or feel uncomfortable in a rideshare, it will make all the difference.

Invisiawear Gold Star Burst Charm Necklace with Crystal Pendant

To buy: $249;

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