Blanket scarves are one of the top accessory trends of the season, but learning how to tie one can be quite the challenge. This guide that will show you how to wear a blanket scarf in any style.
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Willamette Wanderings Plaid Blanket Scarf in Classic

With temperatures dropping, you're probably seeing blanket scarves everywhere. It's one of winter's biggest accessories, spotted on celebrities, bloggers, and in store windows everywhere, but if you're still not sure what it is (let alone how to wear one) you came to the right place. We'll walk you through everything you need to know about blanket scarves—how to incorporate them into your wardrobe, how to tie and style them in different ways, and even how to make one yourself.

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What Is a Blanket Scarf and How to Tie It

Blanket scarves are exactly what they sound like: scarves that are big enough to use as a blanket. Typically they are an extremely oversized square shape, which is what makes them different from all the other scarves in your closet. It might sound crazy to wear a scarf that big, but during the long, cold winter they can be lifesavers. But if you're thinking, "what the heck do I do with all that fabric?" we don't blame you. Blanket scarves can be intimidating. Lucky for us, blogger Kelly Larkin from Kelly In The City really nails tying a blanket scarf in a bunch of different ways in her post here. But we think the easiest (and most versatile) knot is what she calls "The Classic." Here's her easy-to-follow, 4-step guide:

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Blanket scarf as shawl
Credit: Ella Pretty Blog

10 Different Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

1. Shawl

This first way might be stating the obvious, but yes, you can wear it like a shawl, as seen on Zeba from Ella Pretty Blog. Throw it over yourself like a blanket, letting it cover your shoulders and arms.

Blanket scarf belted with coat
Credit: Life With Emily

Blanket scarf belted with coat

2. Belted Under a Coat

Surprisingly a blanket scarf can be belted under a coat, as Emily from Life With Emily Blog has done. This is a great way to accentuate your waist, even under all that fabric. Just drape the blanket scarf over your neck, letting it hang down in front, then wrap your belt over it at your natural waist.

Blanket scarf as cardigan
Credit: Style Plus Curves

Blanket scarf as cardigan

3. Cardigan

You can also transform it into a cardigan, like Amber from Style Plus Curves. This works best when you belt the oversized scarf over something fitted like a body-con dress or a tight turtleneck. Just be sure to leave space for your arms to fit through comfortably.

Blanket scarf draped messy
Credit: My Style Vita

Blanket scarf draped messy

4. Wrapped and Draped

Thick blanket scarves look chic wrapped and draped in a messy kind of way, like on Jessica from My Style Vita. Simply take all that fabric and drape it around your neck however it wants to go, letting the corners fall where they may. This style has a "the messier the better" attitude, so don't try to make it perfect.

Blanket scarf over the shoulders
Credit: Vida Fashionista

Blanket scarf over the shoulders

5. Over Your Shoulders

You can also take your thick scarf and throw it over your shoulders like Davida from Vida Fashionista. In this way it serves as an accent to your outerwear look—think of it as the eye-catching icing topping your plain black coat.

Blanket scarf as asymmetrical wrap
Credit: Sydne Style

Blanket scarf as asymmetrical wrap

6. Asymmetrical Wrap

You can wear a blanket scarf all year long—just drape it into an asymmetrical wrap like Sydne from Sydne Style does. This lends a glam, ladylike vibe to an otherwise simple outfit, like her all-black jeans-and-sweater ensemble.

Blanket scarf as oversized kerchief
Credit: The Red Closet Diary

Blanket scarf as oversized kerchief

7. Oversized Kerchief

Thanks to their square shape, blanket scarves easily can be worn like an oversized kerchief, pictured here on Jalynn from The Red Closet Diary. Simply grab two opposite corners of the scarf and cross them in the back of your neck, bringing them around to the front. Then just tuck the tails under the triangle.

Blanket scarf draped halves
Credit: Vicky's Style

Blanket scarf draped halves

8. Even Rectangles

One of the easiest ways to wear a blanket scarf is to fold it in half and let each side fall straight down the front of your body in two even rectangles, like Victoria from Vickys Style. This might seem too simple at first glance, but with the right scarf (think bold prints or a colorblock design) it can make a real statement.

Blanket scarf as infinity scarf
Credit: Rose City Style Guide

Blanket scarf as infinity scarf

9. Infinity Scarf

A blanket scarf can also double as an infinity scarf, like it does here on Amanda from Rose City Style Guide. Wearing it this way keeps it contained to your neck and doesn't overwhelm your whole outfit.

Blanket scarf with uneven tail
Credit: Thankfifi

Blanket scarf with uneven tail

10. Uneven Tail

The size of a blanket scarf is so big that you can create an uneven tail in an exaggerated way, like Wendy from Thankfifi has done. Fold your scarf in half the long way, wrapping one end around your neck. Then let the opposite end hang all the way down. Be sure to tuck in any loose ends so the long tail steals the spotlight.

How to Make a Blanket Scarf

Not thrilled about the idea of shelling out big bucks for a blanket scarf? Can't find one you like in stores? Or are you just a sucker for a DIY project? If you answered yes to any of these questions we've got good news for you: "Blanket scarves are so easy to make," says Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, co-founder of Livari Clothing. (They're also the perfect handmade gift for a friend, she says.) St. Bernard-Jacobs says the hardest part is picking the perfect fabric, but offers this advice, "rub the swatch against your face and if you instantly want to cuddle with it, you have a winner." When choosing a fabric just keep in mind that a blanket scarf usually has a cozy, winter-y vibe so prints like plaid, tweed, and windowpane work really well.

Here, St. Bernard-Jacobs offers five easy steps to making your own blanket scarf at home, no sewing machine required:

Step 1: Choose the fabric that's right for your look, focusing on anything that's super-soft to the touch.

Step 2: Measure the amount of fabric you'll need by wrapping it around your torso so you're completely covered (no need for measuring tape!).

Step 3: Cut the fabric, then use a pin at the edge to pull out the first few lines of stitches. This will fray the ends a bit.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 on all four sides of the fabric.

Step 5: Trim any loose or stray threads and voila! You've got yourself a blanket scarf with a boho-inspired frayed edge.