Fashion, meet function.

By Hana Hong
January 22, 2021
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Credit: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

Love 'em or hate 'em, few bags offer as much convenience as the fanny pack. The hands-free accessory has picked up many names over the past few years—waist pack, bum bag, tourist trope—but what was once the topic of much ridicule seems like it's finally here to stay.

As for me, I'm on team fanny pack. Pre-2000s, this would have been an unpopular confession, but I'm glad to say that more people have finally jumped on board with the brilliant concept. Not only do they offer ample storage space, the newest offerings vary in style and size, with more options that boast a sleeker, discreet profile. 

Case in point: this Lorimer fanny pack from State Bags. Made with a lightweight nylon fabric, the sporty style is subtle in looks and simple in construction. It has two large front pockets, a back slip pocket, and a waist strap. Thanks to its no-frills design, the accessory pairs well with pretty much everything, from casual cutoffs to dressier ensembles. Plus, since the nylon is sturdy and forgiving against daily wear and tear, it can easily pass as an everyday bag. 

According to Emily Kehe, Real Simple's creative director, it's the perfect hands-free bag. "Last year, I didn't want to put my bag down anywhere. (Grocery cart germs? Ew!)," she says in the February issue. "Still, I needed to carry around all my stuff, so I got the State Lorimer Fanny Pack. I love it because it holds everything I need to run errands, walk the dog, and take my kids to the playground. My keys, phone, wallet, mask, and hand sanitizer snuggle inside the two easy- access zippered pockets. On rainy days, it can accommodate a travel umbrella. When I'm on a long walk, it can fit a small water bottle. I never leave home without it, and—full disclosure—I've even taken to wearing it around inside my house. That's how soft and comfortable it is."

Unlike backpacks and one-shoulder satchels, fanny packs don't make your back sweat or break your spine with uneven loads. But if full-on fanny packs just aren't your thing, you can also wear it as a crossbody. Carry the weight at the front, swing it around to the back, or sling it over a shoulder. Any way you decide to wear it, your hands will be left free to do their thing, whether that's walking your dog, chasing your kids around the neighborhood, or filming your next TikTok video. 

The bag is currently available in four sleek styles—black with silver hardware, black with gold hardware, olive, and blue. And since everything's better with a side of philanthropy, State Bags will help support American children and families in need with every fanny pack purchased, from donating fully-packed backpacks at their bag drop rallies, to fueling #WhatDoWeTellTheKids initiatives.

The best part? We have a sweet discount. You can snag the fanny pack for 20 percent off from January 22 to February 5, 2021 with the code REALSIMPLE20 at checkout. 

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