6 Clever Items to Organize Your Bag

Stop digging through your giant bag once and for all.

We’ve all been there: The one thing you need to get out right away is lost at the bottom of your bag. Rather than constantly waste time searching for what you need, wouldn’t it be great if it was right there every time you opened your bag? We’ve curated a list of handy little tools that will make organizing your bag a cinch. From keeping your headphones cords wrapped up tight to filing your receipts to storing all of your odd and ends, these helpful items will keep your bag tidy, saving you time and stress.


Cord Tacos

Photo by cb2.com

Headphones can become a tangled jumble in your bag, wrapping around everything else inside. Keep them contained in these adorable leather cord holders. 

To buy: $30 for a pack of 5; cb2.com.


Hydaway Bottle

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Staying hydrated throughout the day is important, but an empty water bottle can tumble around the inside of your bag and take up unnecessary space. This collapsible bottle folds down to just over one inch so that it’s out of the way when you aren’t using it. Comes in eight colors.

To buy: $22; amazon.com.


Carry-All Pouch

Photo by baggu.com

Tired of fishing for the smaller items that always seem to be lost at the bottom of your purse? Consider getting a sack to go inside of your bag. This medium-sized pouch can fit all of your odds and ends, and the machine washable fabric makes for an easy cleanup if you spill anything. Also comes in dragon tree and paint dot.

To buy: $12; baggu.com.


Handbag Organizer

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Take your bag organization to the next level with this 12-compartment organizer. It will hold all of your purse essentials and make sure everything stays in place throughout the day. Plus, with 24 different colors to choose from, you can easily find a perfect match for any bag in your closet.

To buy: $10; amazon.com.


Index Card Case

Photo by staples.com

For a DIY way to keep your bag tidy, try using an index card case to store your receipts. For an extra-organized way to store those small papers, consider adding some tabs to keep them labeled. It’s a simple and easy way to keep clutter from overtaking your purse. Also comes in red and white. To buy: $2; staples.com.


Felt Tote Organizer

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If you have a shortage of pockets in your huge tote bag, this felt liner is here to help. It keeps everything separated and neatly tucked away, so that you never have to dig around in your bag again.

To buy: $29; amazon.com.