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Justin Fantl

When the inside of your bag looks like a small explosion of makeup, pens, keys, and receipts, it doesn’t matter if the outside is the cutest fall handbag or the perfect workweek tote—you’ve got a mess on your hands. It’s so easy to get to that state, especially if your not taking preventative measures. But don’t worry, those measures are actually super simple.

Remedying the situation is all about condensing your must-haves into zippered pouches so you can navigate your multitude of things on the go, and save precious time. No more digging in your purse for that one item you just can’t find, ruining a favorite lipstick when the top comes off (ditto the inside of your bag), or finding snack crumbs stuck to your phone. Another bonus? Neatly arranged pouches will help alleviate the stress of rushing out the door and leaving an essential behind, or in the wrong bag—you can efficiently switch your pouch from bag to bag and get out the door on time.

A pro tip: Organize by type. Organize daily essentials like your keys, wallet, and phone charger into one pouch. Makeup and hand cream can go in another. Keep a small one around to stash any change and receipts you may need to hang onto.

To help you jump-start the process, we’ve rounded up a few options that can easily be used day-in and day-out to keep everything you need close at hand, without having to rifle through your bag.

Sometimes you want to know exactly what you’ve got, and this clear pouch is the perfect solution. You can see inside and also easily wipe it clean—perfect for cosmetics and any other spillable products.

To buy: $19.50;

A great option if you want something durable and small—with pockets. Also available in olive and navy/rust.

To buy: $12;

Just right for bigger totes and housing oddly-shaped (i.e. not flat) items. Just attach the hook to the inside of your bag and grab the item of choice. Available in four other colors. 

To buy: $45;

Baggu’s nylon pouchs are minimal, stylish, washable, and come in a variety of sizes and patterns. Also available in rust and elephant print.

To buy: $12;

Stash your stuff in this durable faux-leather pouch that could also double as a clutch. Bonus: The bright pink color is easy to spot in a purse’s dark interior. Available in three other colors.

To buy: $18;