Trust me, it’s the perfect travel duffel for weekend trips—no matter what the weather is like.

By Chelsey Hamilton
Updated January 08, 2019
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Everlane’s The Nylon Weekender Bag

Getting caught in rainy weather while you’re traveling can be super stressful, but dealing with damp clothes after said rain seeps through your bag is even worse. After experiencing this unfortunate incident first-hand, I became extra picky about my bag choices. Many times, I even opted to use a small suitcase instead of an overnight bag (no matter how short the trip) just to avoid inadvertently drenching my clothes. But recently, I decided to give duffel bags another chance. I set out to find a reliable option that would keep my belongings secure—and dry—during my frequent weekend getaways. Enter: Everlane’s The Nylon Weekender Bag.

Based on the many glowing reviews, I decided to take the plunge and try this bag for myself—and I’m so glad I did. My very first time using the duffel, I stepped out of a crowded Manhattan train station on a busy post-holiday weekend and found myself caught in a heavy downpour. The line for cabs was long, and trying to get an Uber was hopeless, so I had no choice but to walk a couple blocks to the subway station (without an umbrella, might I add). I was able to partly shelter my purse inside my parka, but the duffel bag was hoisted over my shoulder and left to face the elements. Despite my doubts, this waterproof Everlane bag didn’t let me down. When I finally made it back to my apartment, I was drenched, but the clothes and shoes I had packed inside the bag remained completely dry.

When I began my search for a go-to duffel, I never imagined I’d find a stylish weekend bag, too—but that’s exactly what I got with Everlane’s sophisticated version. Available in three different shades of black and grey, it has a sleek, modern look and a simple (yet functional) design. Complete with a water-resistant TPE material, the fabric is solid, sturdy, and durable enough to stand up to stormy weather. What’s more, the large duffel was roomy enough to fit a couple pairs of shoes, some clothes, and a toiletry bag, but it never felt too bulky to carry. It even includes a few inner and outer pockets—making it easy to pack different-sized items—and has a shorter, padded carrying handle that snaps shut, along with a longer, removable shoulder strap. Even better? It’s under $100.

According to reviews, I’m not the only satisfied customer. In fact, this bag has a near-perfect rating on Everlane’s site, and many users love the compact-yet-roomy size for weekend trips. One reviewer said, “The bag holds a lot of stuff! I like the flexible, lightweight fabric and the design. This bag is perfect for taking clothes, workout gear, extra shoes, and toiletries—everything fits for a weekend.”

Needless to say, I wholeheartedly agree. After just the first use, I already knew I’d found the perfect waterproof overnight bag for weekend trips—and I’m thankful Everlane gave me a reason to try duffel bags again.

Everlane’s The Nylon Weekender Bag

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