The Simple Hack to Adding Traction to Slippery Shoes Is Only $10 at Amazon

Reviewers said these make a “world of difference” to heels, sandals, and flats.

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Anti-skid pads for shoes

The perfect pair of shoes can act as the ultimate cherry on top for your outfit—think how a stunning pair of heels, structured loafers, or chunky sneakers can elevate a casual, off-duty look of jeans and t-shirts on a weekend. Yet wearing a pair of shoes with completely flat soles that have no traction or non-slip designs can easily turn your perfect outfit into a nightmare. After all, no one likes walking around on slippery shoes that can send you flying any minute.

Thankfully, adding traction to prevent sliding around on slippery soles is easier than you'd think, and Amazon shoppers have found just the thing. According to reviewers, Dr. Shoesert's Non-Slip Shoe Pads—which have more than 2,500 five-star ratings—are thin yet grippy enough to stop even the most slippery heels and flats from sliding around. They make "a world of difference" that's "like night and day" for slippery shoes, and shoppers love how much grip it provides on marble or tile floors. Some even said they only wish they had found these pads sooner, but now, you can get yours for just $10 in a multi-pack at Amazon.

Anti-skid pads for shoes

To buy: $10;

Using the non-skid pads is as simple as you'd imagine: Simply peel off the stickers, and tack them onto the bottom of your flats, heels, or loafers. The stickers have a rough exterior that grips the ground without damaging your precious flooring, so you don't have to worry about wearing them on wood or marble surfaces. If you want to avoid the pads from standing out, they even come in multiple colors (like beige, red, black, and white) that you can grab to match the bottom of your shoes.

It's truly a "great way to add more traction to a shoe," wrote a reviewer who ordered these stickers for tennis shoes that had no traction at all. They continued and called the pads a "lifesaver," adding that the non-skid stickers stay on nicely and turned "two worthless and dangerous pairs of shoes" into ones that they could wear enjoyably.

Another said that the pads "saved" their sandals that were so slick on the bottom, they became dangerous to wear. "It was easy to trim these to the exact size and shape I needed," the shopper explained. "They adhere firmly, are thin enough that I don't notice any difference in the weight of the sandals, and they don't slip at all."

Shop these game-changing anti-skid pads at Amazon below starting at $10.

Dr. Shoesert Non-Slip Shoe Pads 6-Pack in Beige, White, and Black

Anti-skid pads for shoes

Dr. Shoesert Non-Slip Shoe Pads 6-Pack in Red

Anti-skid pads for shoes

Dr. Shoesert Non-Slip Shoe Pads 6-Pack in White

Anti-skid pads for shoes

Dr. Shoesert Non-Slip Shoe Pads 8-Pack in Beige and Black

Anti-skid pads for shoes
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