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I’m not kidding when I say the one thing I haven’t left my apartment without since March—besides my mask and hand sanitizer, obviously—is a baseball cap. Those who are “in the know” are calling the accessory a “dad hat” this season, but the concept is classic.

This one accessory has been essential for me during the past few months, as I watched my natural hair color grow in and attempted to manage a hair length I hadn’t experienced since my cheerleading days in high school. No matter what, a baseball cap never fails to pull an outfit together, and when paired with athleisure and a mask for my everyday “sanity walks,” the look makes me feel equal parts incognito—OK, yes, it makes me feel cool—and shielded from the craziness of the outside world. 

This fall, “dad” is in. Dad vests, dad socks—we’re borrowing from the boys, ladies. There are already over 337,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag “dad hat” attached, so you know this trend is about to be everywhere. With a range of styles and colors out there, there’s sure to be one that fits your personal style and keeps you looking cool in between hair washes. Below, check out our six favorite baseball caps to find the perfect one for you.

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What is it about a baseball cap? From sea to shining sea, as long as there have been dads, they’ve been sporting hats to support their “team.” For me, a Yankees hat makes me nostalgic for my first trip to New York where I sulked at my first Yankees game—hey, my brother was the baseball fan, and it was a long one. No matter your team, this classic style will always look good with a flannel shirt and ponytail for Sunday errands.


Bruins Cap


Repping your (or someone else’s) college is always fun. I did not go to UCLA, but I’m drawn to UCLA merch more than other college because of the striking colors. I know the look will lend a punch to any dark-colored ensemble, but you can also choose from nearly 80 other teams to support with your dad hat choice.


Rodd &Gunn Cap


From New Zealand-born brand Rodd & Gunn, this hat steers away from sports. It’s like the classic Polo hat but a little less recognizable, featuring a pointer dog as the embroidered logo. The color, called “pine,” perfectly encapsulates fall mood boards—trees, nature, outdoorsy scents—but is still subtle enough to be worn multiple days in a row without anyone noticing.


Lacoste Cap


Have you heard? Tennis is back. You’ve likely been seeing tennis skorts flooding your Instagram feed, so tip your hat (literally) to the tennis trend by donning this cap with the classically cool Lacoste gator. This dad hat comes in 17 colors, from neutrals like tan, black, and white, to bright hues like yellow and a teal blue.


Barbour Cap


A brand trusted by British dads since 1894 for its wax jackets, Barbour created this tartan hat made of water-resistant cotton for rainy British times. While you may not be able to wear this hat while enjoying fish and chips at your favorite pub before heading back to your flat this fall, you can embody the stylish-yet-practical sensibility of a British dad.


Cashmere Cap


A cashmere ball cap by The North Face that’s on sale? Sign me up. Every season, new variations of cashmere baseball caps are introduced, but this one stands out for being from a brand made for the outdoors. It’s also a versatile shade of deep heathered charcoal and the logo is perfectly understated, so it will be easy to match with so many outfits. I wouldn’t be worried about weathering any kind of storm in this one.