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Popular '90s Hair Accessory That's Making a Comeback, claw clip
Credit: Getty Images

In the mid-1990s it was a common sight: hair twisted into a long coil, secured to the back of the head with an indispensable claw clip. Alternatively, locks were pulled half back and fastened in place with—you guessed it—a claw clip. More than 20 years later, the claw clip appears to be making an undeniable comeback.

The resurgence doesn't come as a complete surprise: during New York Fashion Week in February, several runway shows featured '90s-inspired hair accessories, including headbands, stretch combs, and yes, claw clips. Months later, Pinterest reports that search for "claw-clip hairstyles" is up 63 percent year over year. Stores are stocking up on the nostalgic accessory, and we've been noticing more and more people sporting the clips around town. With the hot summer days ahead, the timing of this trend couldn't be better—grab one of the claw clips below, then let Pinterest provide the cool, summer-ready hairstyles.

Speckled claw clips from Anthropologie
Credit: Anthropologie

1 Adorable Speckled Claw Clips

This set of six speckled claw clips comes in a range of shades, from dark brown to ivory, so depending upon your hair color you can opt for a high- or low-contrast look. If you have fine hair, these small clips are the ideal size for a half-up do. 

To buy: $24 for 6,

Wood Claw Clip
Credit: Free People

2 A Retro Wooden Claw Clip

Geometric wooden claw clips in two fun shapes—choose from the curved design, at right, or a pentagon—combine '70s and '90s style in one effortless accessory. 

To buy: $10,

Gold Metal Claw Clip
Credit: Urban Outfitters

3 A Modern Metal Claw Clip

When you want to make a lazy-morning hairdo a little more elegant, reach for this gold claw clip. A definitive departure from the chunky clips popular in the '90s, this sculptural style is sleek and modern. 

To buy: $8,

Pink claw clip from LOFT
Credit: LOFT

4 Pretty Pink Claw Clip

In the '90s, claw clips were the go-to accessory for casual hairstyles on weekends and beach days. Bring back the laid-back look, but make it modern with a trendy pink clip. 

To buy: $15,