Classic Fashion Accessories Checklist

All you really need to look your best―from the basics to seasonal essentials.

Basic Accessories

  1. Check Diamond studs

    The only earrings you’ll ever need to own. They’ll definitely set you back, but they will never go out of style.

  2. Check Black or brown leather handbag

    It won't get as dirty as a print or light tone and it will pair with all colors.

  3. Check Nylon rain hat

    Combines practicality with sleek contemporary style.

  4. Check Ring closure belt

    With no holes, it’s very easy to adjust to your particular shape.

  5. Check Loafers

    Comfortable, and they look smart with almost everything.

  6. Check Tank watch

    Has the elegance of a bracelet with the practicality of, well, a watch. Band choice is purely personal preference—black, white, silver, or stainless steel are all classic wristbands.

  7. Check Cashmere scarf (pashmina)

    This wrap has evolved from a passing fad to a wardrobe staple.

  8. Check Rain boots

    They look as good splashing through puddles on a dirt road as they do with a knee-length skirt out on the town.

  9. Check Tote bag

    A practical companion, whether you’re walking to the office, heading to the beach, or scouting flea markets.

  10. Check Colorful handbag

    A surprisingly versatile way to kick up neutral outfits. Stick to classic shapes such as the bucket or hobo.

  11. Check Small rolling suitcase

    For short vacations or long-weekend getaways.

  12. Check Overnight bag

    Keep a moderately sized bag on hand for quick jaunts.

  13. Check Umbrella

    A full-size one will likely keep you drier, but a compact umbrella can easily fit in a handbag or tote.

  14. Check Neutral sling-back heels

    Own at least one pair of neutral heels—they’re extremely versatile and perpetually in fashion.

  15. Check Sleek sneakers

    Now streamlined and available in powerhouse colors, sneakers are like sportier ballet flats: Just slip them on with jeans or pants and go.

  16. Check Leather belt

    A black or brown belt is a style perennial.

Fall Accessories

  1. Check Leather gloves

    More sophisticated than mittens, they also last longer.

  2. Check Riding boots (flat leather boots)

    Invest in a black or brown pair to give your fall wardrobe extra polish.

Winter Accessories

  1. Check Snow boots

    Think of both comfort and lifestyle when choosing a pair, from outdoorsy and rugged to sleek and fur-lined.

  2. Check Earmuffs

    While these may not be for everyone, they’re a great alternative to a plain cable-knit winter hat.

  3. Check Leg warmers

    Great to wear with boots—or with a coat that just grazes the middles of your calves.

Spring Accessories

  1. Check Striped tote

    Pick cheerful stripes to reflect the brightness of the season.

  2. Check Colorful heels

    Give your neutral footwear a rest in the spring and bring a classic khaki skirt or pants to life with vibrant heels.

Summer Accessories

  1. Check Casual hat

    Perfect (and sensible) for the beach, and always a good idea for those who need to shield color-treated hair from the sun.

  2. Check Silk scarf

    Wear it on your head, around your neck, as a belt, or a bandeau—or simply tie it onto a handbag strap.

  3. Check Cloth belt

    A nice change from the dark leather belt you use throughout the colder seasons; a color or pattern pairs well with white jeans or shorts.

  4. Check Sarong

    An exotic and attractive cover-up for the Caribbean—or the community pool.

  5. Check Straw basket

    Looks good in the city, in the country, at the beach.

  6. Check Accented sandals

    Spice up any summer outfit with beaded or jeweled slip-ons.