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Updated March 20, 2008
| Credit: Kana Okada

Q. I have a hanging shoe rack, but my boots won’t fit into it. What’s the most space-efficient way to store my boots so that I can see them? Right now they’re in a pile on the floor.

A. Pick a place to store your boots so that they will be easy to grab and go. Since they tend to topple over and not stay in place, keep them standing upright with a boot shaper, available at Or try putting a thin rubber band around each pair or clipping them together on the sides that face in. (Be careful to avoid making a crease mark on leather boots.) You can also put them in a bin or a crate―just make sure it has an open front, so you can see inside. Or put your boots in a box. If you have the box they came in, you can store them there. Just attach a picture to the outside of the box so you know which pair it contains. Or buy a clear storage container with dimensions that will fit most boots (such as a Boot Box or a Medium Modulo Storage Box, available at or a Crystal Clear Shirt Drawer, available at

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