This Is the Most Breathable (and Comfortable) Face Mask I've Tried Since March

It’s super easy to speak in and won’t smudge your lipstick.

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airpop mask

As a shopping writer, I've tested dozens of face masks, but there are very few that I've liked. Many reusable masks tend to be too thick or ill-fitting, and buying a box of disposable masks every month can get expensive. Fortunately, a few months ago I discovered a mask that met all my requirements (and more)—the AirPop Light SE Mask.

I'd describe the AirPop mask as a reusable-meets-disposable hybrid. The cone-shaped masks can be washed and sanitized, but they are only effective for up to one week, or 40 hours of use. It comes in two colors (black and white), has soft and adjustable ear straps, and features a seal that molds to your nose. The brand says that the outer layer of the AirPop mask is 100 percent water-resistant "to splashes and droplets of any kind." The masks are also made with skin-friendly, hypoallergenic materials.

You can purchase the masks individually for $10 or as a pack of four for $30 directly from AirPop's website. AirPop is also available on Amazon, but the masks often go out of stock at the retailer.

airpop mask

To buy: $10–$30; or $9;

Thanks to the mask's 3D shape, it's very easy to speak in. I often wear my AirPop mask if I'm going to an appointment or know I'm going to interact with someone. Other masks lay flat on my face, so I always feel like I have to lift them up to speak clearly and comfortably. (As a plus, the AirPop mask doesn't smudge my lipstick, either.)

The Light SE mask is incredibly lightweight, doesn't apply pressure to my ears, and contours to my face perfectly. The mask doesn't gap on the sides or at the bottom of my chin, so I feel secure wearing it. I also love that it can be worn for up to 40 hours, so I can include the AirPop mask in my reusable mask rotation. It's also very sleek—while that's not a top priority, it's an added bonus that it's flattering and comfortable.

AirPop makes various other masks as well, including one designed for exercise, kids' options, and one that can be folded and placed into a storage case when you're on the go.

The AirPop Light SE Mask has become my go-to mask, and I'm sure it'll become yours, too. Below, shop more AirPop masks, and check out the brand's website here.

airpop mask

To buy: $15–25; or $20 with coupon;

airpop mask

To buy: $70;

airpop mask

To buy: $15–$25; or $20 with coupon;

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